Denim Diary #DenimTheIcons - The Two Piece

Denim Hilfiger Shirt: McArthurGlen designer outlet*
Floral two piece: H&M
Boots: Quiz Clothing*
Skull Ring: H&M men

So here is the second look for my Denim Diary, as part of McArthurGlen designer outlet denim challenge. Two pieces are still massive, and I think a denim shirt is such an easy way to break it up. As the print is pretty have, I left jewellery to just skull ring and went for my white boots to match the polls dots on the shirt. This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is super sweet, I love that it has press studs rather than buttons as it's easy to just throw on. I left the shirt out, as I wanted a more relaxed look. If the weather was bad I would take my heavy coat and layer it over the top of the jacket, that way you can still wear your two piece and not freeze during the process.  As I showed in my first outfit, it also looks great tucked into a skirt so if you have a two piece with a skirt you can still work this look easily. 


  1. Love this outfit law!! And your hair is looking soo good xxx

  2. I really love the way you've styled this shirt, and the shirt itself - the polka dots make it cute rather than cowboy which is always my fear with denim shirts.


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