Boohoo Xmas Collection 2014

Yes the Xmas collections are here. While I can't even think about Christmas right now, there is no denying that the collections I've seen so far I need now! Boohoo was one at the top of my ' OMG it needs to be in my wardrobe ASAP' list and for good reason. This festive season they have given sequins a makeover with bralets and sports luxe hoodies and are bringing holographic fabrics to a new level. My eyes could not keep up and as I spotted a pale blue faux fur coat and than a sequin kimono, I wanted to hug the Boohoo team for getting it so right. 

This collection is about glamour, heels were high and sparkly and even simple dresses had a fluffy feather trim to finish. I spy a clutch that says 'weekend millionaire' and know that I will literately be broke when the collection goes live on their site. Saying that you can't cry over £35 quid for a moto holographic golden biker jacket, or there £18 iridescent skirt. The men's collection is just as impressive and means that you can 'treat' your man, and 'borrow' it *cough cough hello checked tartan shirt. I also had the pleasure of making my own macrons, I say make it was more a case of filling and putting them together. I adore this collection, it's on trend but edgy and won't break the bank, well unless you need it all. 


  1. Looks lovely. Looooooving all the sparkles, I will be one skint lady when it's released.

    Jayde |

  2. Glamour central! I need that leather jacket!

    Maria xxx

  3. SWOON! Polka dots, metallics, faux furs and black gems... it really doesn't get much better than that! Can't wait xx

  4. Ooh looks like there's some awesome pieces in the new collection, love the macaroons!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog


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