Pixi H20 Skin Tint

As it's been a pretty long and epic summer, it's nice to go for something lighter on your skin. Plus some days you may just prefer the whole 'no makeup makeup' don't hate me I didn't come up with that term. Pixi H2O Skin Tint* is a water based tinted face gel, if you like a lighter coverage than this could be for you as it lets your skin breath while covering uneven skin tone. It leaves the skin with a dewy glow, this maybe because of the English chamomile & lavender that soothes the skin. 

I have bad acne so I prefer to use a product that has heavy coverage, so I ended up using cover up on my spots which I know for some of you may be an added pain you would rather your base dealt with. At the same time sometimes covering your spots more can make them worst, so this is perfect coverage for improving your skins health and not clogging your pores. 

The shade I'm using is Cream, it's really light almost like a BB cream. As it's so light and bright, I think it would work really well if you are a fan of contouring. Above I just used blush, as I wanted to show what my skin looks like with it on. This product is also paraben and fragrance free, so great for anyone with sensitive skin. The packaging is perfect, I really love pump bottles as screw caps can get so messy and you can  end up with too much product. Using the pump I found I could  dot products over my face and blend out with ease for even coverage. Perfect for travelling with and keeping in my bag.

It claims to be ‘hydrating, long lasting and water resistant with a semi-matte finish that lasts all day’ and I'm glad to say most of this is true. Sadly it didn't last all day, and I had to reapply and top up areas of my face but I think I would do this anyway to keep my makeup looking flawless. It comes in three shades Cream, Warm and Nude, which is limiting if your a darker skin tone so I hope they develop  a couple more to suit more skin tones. I would recommend this for anyone seeking lighter coverage with sensitive skin, it leaves skin looking healthy and refreshed so great for dry and combination skin. Pixi H2O Skin Tint is available from Pixi and priced at £21.00 and comes in three shades.  

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