It's Okay To Fangirl

Everyone admires someone, and people who say they don't are lying. As women naturally tend to compare each other more than men, thanks to media, social platforms it's only  a matter of time before it happens. When I was younger I used to collect posters of my favourite crushes and bands, and it can sometimes come with the label of being a geek and someone who doesn't have much of their own identify. So what is fangirling, are you part of this movement, maybe you have been doing it for years and it's only now it has a label you can recognise it.  In reality it's great and should be embraced. 

Fangirling is essential an expression of joy at someone or a vision that they are creating, I guess there is some escapism but it's not a case of you loving something because your not happy with life. It's like an add on, someone who you would hope to be best fiends with. I guess what would be great to see is women embracing more women, so often we rip each other down. Fangirls can change this and let us support each other like never before. But even if your fangirling over a boy band, or that ultimate movie that has characters that have changed your world it's positive. 

Thankfully most people who fangirl, don't care what others think anyway it can actual help us stand up and say 'your not the judge of me'. Plus the game has changed from when I was a teen back in the 90s, back than you looked up to the famous. Now with the raise of Tumblr, You Tube, Blogs and Instagram the girl next door could be your next girl crush and globally known.  Saying that even in the 90s that didn't stop me. I use to shop in this crappy charity shop when I was 13, just to check out what this girl was wearing as she had thee coolest style I had ever seen and was so different from everything around me. The idol's of today may have inspire us in some way, we  group together to follow them and feel part of something amazing. We belong and it's something we are proud to talk about, and join in with the pet names for these fan bases. Somehow it goes on to create a whole community of people with similar ideals and likes, and you can make friendships from your shared love for this person. It's so weird and complex, but yet so cool and refreshing.  

There are downsides of course to the whole fangirl thing, while it may inspire it can also scare. Giving up on even trying because they have done it bigger and better, this is where comparing can get you down and you get in a mind set of why try. Or spending too much time on them, to the point where it's unhealthy and your becoming a carbon copy. Excepting so much from them, there is the flip side of what does it feel like to have this army of people who except you to be perfect. We can't forget that actual they are only human too, they are no less and no more important than us. They have rubbish days and unlike us this goes with the good and is usually chatted about by everyone. 

In the end it's fine to fangirl, there's no shame in embracing someone and being inspired to be creative and expressing. At the same time it's good to keep it in proportion, and also to question as it's okay to not agree with everything they do or say. The most important thing is to have fun, and not lose sight of yourself it's great to support someone and it's okay to fangirl whoever you are. 


  1. I never heard about the movement! good to know. But yes, i don't think that be inspired by someone means that you don't have your own personality
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. I am so with you on this, I can not deny I am a total fan girl and am so guilty of similar experiences to your charity shop one. Mine was a girl who worked in a horror shop and just looked like she had ghoulish glamour down. It is good to embrace rather than be jealous i think xxx

  3. I love the internet, I can fangirl without looking *too* creepy! ;)

    Maria xxx

  4. I agree with this post SO much! I also love the cool collage!! Xx


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