How I Wear: A Ditsy Print Dress

Waterfall Trench: Choies*
Oh Ditsy Dress: Lasula Boutique*
Holographic Shoes: EBay
Chunky Necklace: New Look (old)
Holographic Bag: Choies*
Midi rings: Primark

It's been another crazy week, but thankful the sun has been out in the city which makes life so much easier when your dashing from place to place. I've finally started on my spring cleaning, and had a good sort out of my wardrobe -I say that like I'm done ha ha. I think it's been a few years over due, but I'm at a point where I'm ready to let go and really enjoy what I'm keeping. I've added a heap of new things to my Depop and there's more being added (I'm law1sfab on there so take a look). I think I want my new wardrobe to have more grown up pieces, and a little more soft tailoring. This ditsy print dress still has the fun of the neon, but it's not to OTT. 

It's is fab stretch fabric so fits well in the right places, but I still have movement. As I've been on a couple of pounds, (not a big deal at all BTW) so I have that in-between sizes going on so this type of fabric is my best friend at the moment. What can I say about this coat, it's nude (see I'm growing) and I actual love it. It makes anything I wear look instantly more polished. But me being me of course I throw on my favourite holographic shoes and bag, got to have a little shiny goodness in there.  Stayed tuned this weekend as I will be revealing who won my giveaway, and I'm really excited as I will finally have some D.I.Y posts coming up too. 


  1. Love the trench :-) xx

  2. Laura I absolutely love your hair this colour! :)
    This outfit is lovely!

  3. Looking great, love all the neon and holographic accessories. People pair traditional things with florals but love your more modern twist :)

  4. Love this coat on you, I saw a girl in a khaki version the other day and I think I'm in love. Such a cool bag too lovely! x

  5. I love the colors in this dress, so vibrant :)

    boho vanity ♡

  6. Super cute shoes!

  7. This is such a nice post!xx
    Your blog is so lovely and beautiful:)
    Would you mind checking out mine and following is you like?
    Keep in touch xoxo


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