Pay For A Meal With Instagram

As someone who openly admits to checking her Instagram daily (don't pretend your not come on put up your hand too), I didn't think it could give anymore than it already does. Seeing how others live, where they go, what they eat and of course who is not guilty of the odd selfie every now and than. 

Instagram can make you look a little crazy, setting up the outfit of the day .. 45 minutes later and 25 photos later. But at the same time, if you can create something pretty and visual pleasing than why not. Well Birds Eye take our love of the old food shot, and came up with this pop up restaurant The Picture House. Yes you just walk in, sit down, scroll their iPad and pick a dish, snap your meal, upload to Instagram and that's your payment. Research by Birds Eye  found that over half of people (52 per cent) regularly take photos of their meals. The Ice Tank London is the first (now closed sadly, but the pop up shop will be moving to Manchester and Leeds in June.

So what's the food like I hear you cry. Honestly, it was bloody lovely. So good in fact that I went and grabbed a heap on my way home so I could cook them for Barry and the boys. It inspired me seeing professional chefs making frozen food, into something new and healthy but more importantly tasty. I had the garlic and herb chicken, I cooked it home with the greens and both my boys who are four and two polished the lot (they are not keen on greens). Also you even get a dessert at the pop up shop, again upload your photo and that's another freebie. According to Webstagram there are currently over 90 million pictures using the hashtag 'food' on Instagram. If this is the future than count me in. Will you be checking out the pop out shop?

One in ten (11 per cent) admitted to taking at least one snap of their meal time moments every week, with nine per cent admitting to not being able to go a day without snapping a picture of one of their meals. For information on the pop up shop head over to their Facebook page.

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