How I Wear: A Layered Summer Dress

Tropical Print Dress: Primark (current stock)
Roll Neck & Bag: Charity shop
Necklace: Primark, Belt: New Look
Boots: River Island
Nail polish:  Flip Flop Models Own*
Biker Jacket: Primark via EBay

Okay so firstly this outfit started off as just the dress, with my fit flops and my biker jacket. Than this morning the heavens opened and so I rushed back in  doors to dig out my roll neck and a pair of tights. As someone who's middle name should be 'I'm not feeling well' I tend to do everything in my power not to be cold. Than it was sunny for pretty much the rest of the day, so I can't win. So yes a roll neck can be your best friend wardrobe wise, as it can turn those summer pieces into layers of warmth for the chilly days. As I was doing a lot of walking today, I went for comfort over style and throw on my trusty boots usually I would go for a heel as this dress length makes my legs look even shorter. I really love the print on this Primark dress, I can't wait to wear it on it's own with sandals once the sun decides to make up it's mind. 


  1. I love this, some summer dresses don't seem to lend themselves to being layered up, or at least they don't when I try it, but this works fabulously.

  2. Yep, I am totally in love with that dress. It looks so nice dressed for the chillier weather too x

  3. You look awesome here, I love the colours on this dress!

    Maria xxx


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