How I Wear: A Dress Over Jeans

Zara Eye Dress Dupe: Choies*
Spotted Jeans: Primark
Holographic Bag: Choies*
White Sandals: Primark
Legs Necklace: Choies*
Nail polish: Models Own Flip Flop*

Everyone seems to be doing the whole 90s skirt over jeans again, but as I like to try something different I thought how about a dress (groundbreaking I know). As I have wider hips the best option was boxy dress, so I decided it either had to be my smock dress or my  eye dress. The smock dress sadly had been attacked by Logan (who's two) yoghurt covered mitts and was on top of the washing pile. So I grabbed my eye dress, and I think it worked even better than the smock. I got these sandals from Primark, they were only £8 quid, but after doing a lot of walking in them the top strap started to rub. I always carry back up pumps when wearing new shoes/sandals for the first time. So I was a little gutted that I can't do a lot of walking in them, I will wear them more for lazy days of doing a shop. 

I really like this outfit, so I think I'm going to try mixing up pieces again. I think if your going for a skirt over trousers/ jeans, than going for a heel will make sure you don't lose your shape. It's tricky to try and keep yourself in proportion, so I thing just trying it out and having a trial and error attitude is best. Would you try the skirt or would you go for a dress over jeans? 


  1. love this outfit, I wouldn't have thought of putting the dress with printed jeans but damn, it works! xx

  2. Lovely outfit, the two prints work well together. I'd probably try out a dress over trousers but not so much a skirt as I don't think it would look right on me x

  3. cute shoes, nice look


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