What I Wore To: Motel Festival Party

Jacket: Topshop via EBay
Head Chain: Little Tea Cup*
Pineapple Print Dress: River Island
Belt: Charity shop
Holographic Shoes: Miista*
Necklace: Ebay
Rings: Primark & Ebay
Nail polish: Flip flop Models Own*

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ... Well I would if I was able to breath underwater. Since I can't I'll settle for a pineapple printed dress, I love the whole craze for fruit prints they are so fun. When I spotted this beauty at the River Island S/S press day, I made a mental note of it. But than completely forgot about it as you do, till I want into their Oxford Circus branch to see the new makeover the store has had (it is pretty groovy and worth a look). 

So when I was looking at the mass of amazing dresses, I spotted it. They have a great range of shift/T-shirt style dresses which are me fave. They are smart but relaxed, and suit just about everyone. I like the mix to this print, as it also has leopard print and sunflowers on it. It's lined and I think it could be great if your at a festival or even for attending a wedding as it's very classic. I think nearly everyone at Motel asked where this head chain was from, I don't blame them I love it. It's from Chelsea who blogs at Chelsea Jade loves shop, I have worn it to death and is one I always go back to. Hair wise instead of doing milk maid braids, I took two sections and twisted it than pinned it. It's so simple and great on those bad hair days, which is pretty much every other day for me. 


  1. Love this look, I really like your hair chain thingy-ma-bob!! It really suits you and goes nicely with your whole outfit and, of course, your purple 'do!!


  2. Love the entire outfit Law! Those Miista shoes are smoking!


  3. Laura you never cease to wow me with your outfits!

  4. You look gorgeous here Law, this dress looks lush with your hair!

    Maria xxx

  5. you look laaavly!!! love that dress xxx

  6. I adore the head chain! It really suits you x

  7. Your hair is too perfect like this! Xx



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