Spring In My Step

Glasses: Ebay
Top & Jeans: Primark
Sandals: Fit Flop*
Lip colour: Posh Pout, Power to the purple

Feeling far better than I did, the pain is still there but my sleeping pattern seems to be returning to normal which makes all the difference.  My roots had gotten out of hand, and would have been fine if they were dark but my grey just made it look a mess. So I bleached it and changed my colour from blue to a pink into purple, I really love the colour and don't even care that my ears match (I must remember to remove the colour sooner rather than later off my skin). 

I met up with my friend who I've not seen in ages, and had coffee and the most scrummy custard doughnut. It was so great to chat and be out in the sunshine. She was telling me about her work on the Channel 4 program Lap of the earth and about being at NASA. She got me and Baz some space food, which is possible the craziest (but coolest) gift ever I'll let you know how it tastes maybe I can start a new blogger trend on Instagram (screw you  Starbucks cups). It was such a beautiful evening, and seeing all the blossom trees it felt like spring had finally sprung. Outfit wise, it was just a really casual lazy one. I wore my Fit flops in hope of working off all the cake, thats how it works right? Maybe not. Also they are supportive, as I'm in pain they are like wearing slippers so I may just glue them on for summer. 


  1. Love the purple hair! Suits you :)

  2. love the new colour, looking lovely!

  3. You look lovely here, I am always in awe of your hair!

    Maria xxx


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