Pink It's Not Even A Question

Faux Fur Collar: River Island
Jeans: Charity shop

The sun almost blind me yesterday, I think I could have easily worn sunglasses I had to take my glasses off to get a photo where the light didn't look like a laser from my eyes ha ha. Still it's great to have dry weather in London again, dull weather gets me down I think I need lots of light it seems to give me more energy. Lots of pink, these jeans really are this neon to the point of being too pink. Of course as it's a week day that means running around after the boys, so on went my floral Converse

I was in a layer it up mood so literally throw all my pink bits together and was out the door. This sequin top is from the Yourvine Boohoo challenge, I did a while back. They have some great challenges to take part in, and the rewards are always good. I used the neon nail vanish I got in Primark on Monday, it only cost £2 for four colours. You need a couple of coats to get it really bright, but it's actual not bad for the money. I also got some Hello Kitty lipsticks which I'll be reviewing.


  1. You look incredible! I love how much fun your sense of style is and how well you pull off colour! It's something I'll never achieve unfortunately

  2. I love the pink collar and that quirky ice cream print shirt!

  3. Amazing as always! I love that collar, it reminds me of the Cheshire cat's tail!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  4. the pink sparkles and the pink mongolian fur! youre amazing xx


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