Get Fly With Sophia Webster

So let's travel back in time to London Fashion Week, after days of street style snapping I could have kissed Lauren when she invited us to the Sophia Webster presentation 'Supa Dupa Fly. It was a cold and a bit of a grey day, so making our way there we were excited and didn't know what to expect. On the way everyone was pouring out from the Topshop show, and Kate Moss was being mobbed by photographers. I felt like I had left the actual world, and suddenly entered into the secret world of the fab and famous. Sophia and team transformed an outdoor space into a magical sleepover. The models (who were legends and didn't let the fact it was cold stop them from killing it) wore a mix of outwear and night wear, and of course all had on Sophia's S/S 14 collection of bags and shoes. Oh the shoes, oh the bags .... 

So as we took it all in, I heard Katy B's voice and said to the others 'Oh I love this song' we assume it was just the DJ. As we made our way around the circle of models, my heart literally leap it was only Katy B herself singing live. Now lets talk about the collection, of course there was a garden theme, from flower bags to butterfly heels. I loved the mix of iridescent and clear plastic in a cute pair of sling backs, her bags as always had cool tongue in cheek sayings I adore the 'bite me' clutch. The whole thing reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, when she talks with the flowers from the beautiful palette of colours  Sophia used. It was simply the cherry on top of my fashion week, and was one of thee highlights of my  2013. 


  1. Eeepp I'm reliving the whole moment again :) it was my highlight of 2013.
    You've been killing it with your outfit photos recently, you look fantastic :)

  2. omg Katys outfit is amazing! i LOVE these pics how incredible it all looks! xx

  3. The images are so powerful and bright, a great collection!

    Love Emma xx


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