Work, Work, Work ..

Coat: River Island
Top & Cardigan: Choies*
Jean: Topshop
Trainers: Converse*
Necklcae: Gift
Glasses: London Retro*

Firstly have you seen my giveaway to win a pair of glasses of your choice, well go have a look these frames are so cool. I still have to sort my hair out, half the back has dark patches (downside to doing your hair by yourself), it's just hair I know but otherwise I get people saying 'oh you missed a bit' so to avoid people pointing out the stupidly obsessives I need to hit the bleach again. 

Moving on from boring hair talk, I'm trying to be good and not spend a heap of money I don't have on pretty things I don't need (but completely want). I'm going for a meal with my girls this week so saving my money, it will be so good to see them as usually it's all work and no play. So food + drink+ friends = one very happy me. It's mad how much time can pass because everyone has different free time, so we all really treasure going out together. When we were in our teens together we saw each other every day, that's the thing with getting older things have to change. But you find a way to make time for one another, and yummy food always helps. Still need to think of somewhere to go, so any suggestions are welcome (in central London).  Where do you like going with your friends?


  1. I cannot get over your amazing hair! xo

  2. Your hair is amazing! Love your blazer too!

    Emma x


  4. Your hair is so beautiful #hairenvy


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