Denim Soup

Denim Jacket: Charity shop
Jeans: Topshop
Snood: Primark
Trainers: Old Converse 

I can't seem to keep up at the moment, mostly with all the boring things I need to get down before Christmas. I feel like I'm out of the blog loop, I want to make time to sit down and have a good read of what you guys have been up to. I do read all your comments, I think next week I'm going to try and reply to any that I get and read more. Things move so fast now, this evening I have three events to attend which is great trust me I'm grateful. I feel like a slacker I guess, I use to have posts up the next day but now it's taking me a while. Do you get like this?

On a non blogging note, my getting active plan is going okay. Been walking twice as much and trying to eat a little better. I think Christmas will be a test, chocolate everywhere and the cupboards filled with snacks and treats. Maybe I'll just gift wrap my mouth shut, to stop me from eating it because it's there. How cool is this sweater, when I saw it I had to buy it I love Warhol so it was a must. It fits well (I'm a 12) and it's a light fabric, but not too thin so really happy with it. Yep casual denim and whatever hair today, I'm having a pretty 'meh' week so does that let me off...


  1. AH,. I saw this jumper on there and couldn't think of an outfit for it - love it with your fab hair though x

  2. Really think it's a cute outfit
    Love the Campbell's soup t shirt

  3. the Campbells sweater is amazing, looks soso good you <3

  4. This jumper has your name written all over it!

  5. That jumper is absolutely amazing, I love it! Looking awesome lady, would totally wear this outfit myself, love your yellow Converse! xo // Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  6. I love that scarf on you, so funky, and is just perfect for this time of year. :) x
    Heroine In Heels

  7. I love this jumper - so crazily colourful! x


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