Ax Paris At Proud Cabaret

AX Paris know how to throw a blogger event, and this season they set the bar even higher by taking a bunch of us to Proud Cabaret. The evening kicked off with a very cheeky host who was dressed in a corset, with his x rated talk he had us all laughing and set the mood for the fun, naughty show a head. Than the performs came on, there was the classic strip tease, belly dancing and fire breathing all were amazing. I got to enjoy it all with Debbie,  Chelsea, Leigh, Toni, Sara, Clare and one of my bestie Trish.

They left our jaws on the floor, than there was time to snap a couple of pictures of their collection. Sequins and red lace overflowed on the rails, and thankful not all the dresses are bodycon. There's nothing wrong with a bodycon dresses, but for me personal my hips prefer fitted at the top and skater skirt at the bottom. They have a huge amount of styles to pick from, so if your straight up and down, top heavy or have extra hip action fear not. Than they had a catwalk show of some of their dresses, modelled by bloggers (we like) and than it was time for the second half. I think the belly dancer stole it for me, who came on stage with a massive sword! She whipped it so fast, it was a little scary but totally incredible at the same time. She was too quick for my camera sadly, if you head over to their Facebook page you can see all the photos on there.

Than it was time to hit the photo booth and raid the pic & mix, before we knew it was time to go home. It was a great evening and I will be going back to take some of friends to see the show, as for the collection they have plenty for the party season to check out. 


  1. Ark I'm so jealous- Joe Melrose is a fantastic burlesque host!
    The evening looks great :) I love your headchain

  2. Awww I only saw you briefly but it was such a fun night!! Hope to see you at some parties soon xxx

  3. This looks incredible!! AX Paris certainly know how to impress


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