Street Style: London Fashion Week 001

So this is the first of this seasons street style spotting at London Fashion week, so I warn you now there's more to come. I couldn't wait to show them, as the outfits I spotted were just beyond cool and have inspired me (which is why I adore street style). As you may spot  I snapped some amazing bloggers, like Megan (1) I adore her style as she has a Olsen vibe. Who could miss Pearl Westwood (2) in you guessed it Westwood, but how cool are her TK Maxx glitter boots!

Of course I had to feature one of my best mates Clare (3), I mean I can't think of anyone who could rock head to toe orange like she can. I love Lauren's (6) printed trousers and NY top, her look is relaxed but edgy. Sade's (7) blue tights were a welcome sight from the mass of black ones and I love her gold cat eye glasses, smart but cool. I adore Chelsea's (8) headdress with her stunning curly hair, her floral bomber and high waisted trousers are a great combo making her look tailored yet wearable.


  1. Love the third look- so bright! x

  2. Wow you saw some awesome looks! I was there on the Friday, but the fashion seemed pretty tame that day. Nothing very outlandish!

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  3. absolutely loving your street style snaps, must have been amazing to be there x

  4. I love your London Fashion Week posts. These are some killer outfits, faves: Megan, the aqua matching suit, blue tights lady and yellow coat girl. Hannah x

  5. My boyfriend brought that leopard print shirt the other days - obviously he's more fashionable than I thought! I love Pearl's outfit!

  6. Oh my Glob the girl in #6 has a tattoo from Singin' In The Rain! LOVE! *_________________*

  7. Your street style snaps are great, love all the colours and patterns you picked out.

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