How I Wear: Tartan Leggings & Creepers

Denim Shirt: Charity shop
Fur  Gilet: Swap shop
Choker: Ebay
Leggings: Matalan*
Creepers: New Look

So today (well for you reading now yesterday) not only did it rain in London, it poured this is why I look a little grumpy as it's been sunny all week. I packed all my warm stuff away, so had to drag it all back out. On a plus I got to wear my new tartan legging, these are possible thee easiest way to wear the trend. I do love a bit of lazy fuss free fashion, so it was all about throw it on and go. I didn't do much, apart from the usual. Corben my son is back to nursery next week, and than there's fashion week so I'm enjoying what little peace I can get before Monday. I hope the weekend will be a bit better, I have a pink dungaree dress I HAVE to wear soon or I'll explode. Do any of you get like that when you really want to wear something? Oh yeah my Fashion Union giveaway winner is * drum roll ......Gemma! Well done and your prize will be with you soon.


  1. You're so damn cute , those leggings and creepers - laaavly xx

  2. Nice outfit you look amazing :)
    I'd never be able to pull it off in a million years but it really suits you
    Meg xx (new follower)

  3. Mate these look amazing on you! You definitely pull them off, love the furry jacket too <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. Looking ah-mazing in tartan you little stunner!

  5. I still need to get me some tartan trousers! It's a sin I don't have any. I was grumpy too on the day it poured with rain, but it still rains a lot less than back in Scotland! Hopefully will see you for LFW xx

  6. Ahhh, you're a babe! Looks amazing x

  7. Adore your blog! Would be so cool if you could check mine out -


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