Get In My Wardrobe: Joanna Pybus

Jacket / Phone Case / Fluffy Clutch

Last time at London Fashion week it was hard not to notice Joanna Pybus sherbet monster clutch on the cobbles, than the monster jumper at the time I didn't know they were by her. Not to lose fashion face I couldn't ask the people wearing them 'who is it I must know?', so instead though that I would never know. Than a friend of mine sent me her link 'Law check out this clutch I think it was made for you', thank the fashion stars! Joanna collection is insanely fun but wearable. 

I know it's early to make a Christmas wish list, but I must have these beauties in my life. Everything is made by hand, which is another reason to adore it. So I hope your listening Santa, when I rip back the wrapping paper I want to see a sherbet monster looking back at me. This is Joanna Pybus S/S13 collection, the A/W13 collection looks equal more amazing.


  1. I sort of like the shift dress with the eyes, I'm not so sure about the clutch though. I think it reminds me too much of the pencil cases we used to have at school for a while.

  2. These are cracking! Love it when high fashion is fun too x


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