Do You Ever Switch Off

So it seems we just can't switch off, think that you are. Okay, you keep telling yourself that because even when your having that so called 'relaxing time', you are documenting it. If your not on Facebook moaning about everything than your Instagraming your food before you eat. Gone are the days of showing crappy videos and waiting on those awful blurred photo snaps of your holiday (yes back in the day we had to wait for photos imagine that), now you can share every single moment with everyone. But where does it stop, when do we just enjoy. No camera, no phone just you and the moment.

Image: Just one of a billion photos from my Instagram 

I faced up to my own addiction/obsession with having to documenting my every move,  when I was out with my friends. One said 'Oh sorry Law' pushing their plate forward so I could snap it. Really? Is this what my life's became, that I'm snapping every meal tweeting everything I watch and in my down time I'm reading blogs or liking what others are doing. So when do you just switch off, when is it perfectly normal to just be. Honestly I don't know anymore, I feel like on the weekend is when I have to try and make the effort to just switch off. Even than I will still check things, it's became second nature how often do you pick up your phone and check a social network, text messages, email.

The kids save me from myself most of the time, nappy changes, bottles and cuddles for Logan and playing games, making endless snacks, and drawing with Corben give me that kick back into the real world. Where it's okay if people don't know my every move, it's okay if I don't blog for a while. I think if I was to go away I would try to ban myself from these habits, it's been forever since I've been any where but when I'm going for a break it needs to be just that a break. 

Some wonder why a lot of bloggers have a month off, or even stop their blogs. It's easy to see why, yes it's great to connect and of course nice to attend events and have the odd thing sent to you. At the same time, when you feel that your online world is overtaking your real word it can be a massive problem. Does it all become a job or do you feel you owe people, blogging is not my job and I really only share when I want. In my case I think my blog and sharing helps me, it keeps my BBD and OCD in check or I can become very depressed and find small tasks a chore. But I have to try and keep the balance, I feel like I need to take breaks more. Instead of reaching for my phone when I get up (I can't be the only one), I'm going to enjoy my cup of tea and enjoy the silence before my boys are up and my day begins. 
Am I the only one, or are you guilty of not switching off? Would love to hear from your side.


  1. I know this confession will probably render me a total philistine, but I don't have internet at home, so that is my switch-off time. I do have access to twitter and mobile internet on my phone wth 3G but I've currently run out of data for the month and to be honest with you, it's quite a nice feeling to be able to enjoy my evening without documenting what I'm doing etc.
    I don't blog from home, and I schedule my posts for the weekends beforehand, so it's a bit of a break for me at the weekend anyway. I definitely think it's gfreat to have a break now and again and live for yourself, not for your followers!

  2. Ooh I really enjoyed reading this Law. I wrote a similar feature for the newest issue of Aesthetic, and the frenzy for social media plays a big part in it. I can't remember when it took such a grip of my life, but in recent weeks, I've been learning to switch off more and try to embrace living without sharing all. My real life friends are so appreciative of it all, needless to say! xx

  3. This is all so true! I really struggle to switch off - i'm always taking my work home with me and thinking about it even when i'm not doing it. I'd love to switch off serious me and actually start doing other things I enjoy (like actually writing my blog :P). Society today is just under so much pressure to do everything, in the end everything feels like a chore!

  4. Sometimes I have to take a step back when it feels like blogging is taking over my life. It's so easy to let it get on top of you and forget to live in the real world. I feel quite overwhelmed by it at the minute. I think I may have spread myself too thin with reviews and events but it's so hard to say no when it's so much fun!

  5. I'm definitely guilty of this, and I'm currently having a 'holiday' from my blog. I'm just not feeling creative, and am having a bit of an identity crisis, so currently feel little to no attachment to any of the clothes I own so don't feel like blogging outfits. But I'm giving myself a few more weeks before I get back on the horse.

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  7. It seems like a lot of people are logging off of social media this weekend and I'm joining them. For one it scared me that I couldn't keep my hands off my phone. I feel addicted to it and I hate that feeling. Refreshing Instagram to see how many likes i got or comments. The same with my blog and twitter account. On top of that everything happening in the news here in the states everything is so damn depressing that I don't want to watch it anymore. I've so overwhelmed with hearing everybody's opinion on every single thing good or bad, smart or dumb. I've realized in the past few weeks that people are so nasty behind a computer that I can't even enjoy commenting on new articles anymore.

    So I feel you. I honestly see why some bloggers have blogs but might not be as active as people want them to me. A lot of the time it gets passed off as arrogant but honestly I wish I wasn't so active all the time now. Whenever I need a break that's a sign that it's just too much.

  8. You're absolutely not the only one, I never switch off, and what's worse, it's not just from technology but from work in general. I am always working whether it's replying to emails about jobs or researching for a shoot whilst on the go. However I don't see it as a bad thing, because I love what I do, and I love the other aspects of being able to get online at any time to contact friends or post pictures. I don't find it weighs me down but gives me a ton of enjoyment. I know nowadays I'm very much dependant on my phone and computer but that's the world we live in and I'd rather embrace it than feel guilty about it. If I ever need a day to just be non-contactable I'll switch everything off and snuggle up in bed with a movie or a book....but that's a very rare occurence.

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  9. I'm definitely guilty of this. I'm struggling to switch off too. when I see the red flashing light on my phone I just have to check it. Technology has taken over our lives so much that we can't seem to live without it. It's not healthy at all. I spent so much time on Twitter seeing what's going on and retweeting and pinning on Pinterest. It's time for me to sort this out and take a break from my laptop. Like Sophie said, you forget to live in the real world and allow blogging to be your whole life. There's so much to explore in this world and sitting behind a computer all day or looking at my phone stopping me from doing this. It's time for a change!



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