Wist List: Miss L-Fire (Major Shoe Lust)

Okay so the sun may not be out and there's no sign of him putting his hat on, but I know a lot of you are traveling to warmer places (you lucky things). So I can just blame you lot who are going on holiday, for drooling after shoes for hours ...of course I'm looking for you. Okay, okay, busted! I'd wear tights with these I don't even care, I've became a little Miss L-Fire addict over night after spying this lot. I love bright, shoes that are playful (also these are on sale with heaps of other sandals). My two picks are these Montgomery wedges, as I love the mini strawberry detail and the crazy Nautilus sandals there a little out there but I adore the rope detail.

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  1. Omg I love these shoes :) I love the Nautilus ones, they are gorgeous!


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