Warehouse Summer party

It's been a while since I've been to a party, and it's been a decade since I've heard the words Summer and party next to each other. So after a mad dash from press events, I wanted to hug the Warehouse team for making me feel like one of the 'it' kids. It was held at The Yard, that was packed out with beautiful people including my blog pals Lauren and Laura. Lauren spotted Twistina who was making all the cool kids amazing hats out of balloons, seriously I'm talking unicorns and all sorts!  So as Lauren donned her hat, we hit the bar for some cider and cocktails. 

There was a little hut where you could have your makeup touched up, and of course get some hip nail art. I already had my nails painted so had to skip it. After thinking could this party get any better, we made a beeline for the huge Pick 'N' Mix and Meatwagon (which is part of Meat market). I had no shame in stuffing my face with both meat and veggie burgers, there was also salad and very cute guys on roller blades dishing out ice cream. 

Laura & Lauren having a cocktail
Me soaking it all in
Ballons and dancing
Me & Lauren sharing the love

So shaking off the food coma, I also chatted and had a caught up with Jamie, Leroy who were soaking all up too. The music was dragging us back to the days when garage and gold hoops were cutting edge. It was like being invited to the popular kids party, than sadly my bed was calling to me but Warehouse kindly gave us a goodie bag with a top  which I can't wait to style. Than before I left I managed to have a quick chat with the absolutely stunning Diana Vickers -she has a new album coming out, and is getting into acting you heard it here first. Than I left of course scuffing another Meatwagon burger, on the bus because nothing says glamour than seeing a girl with blue hair engulf food and sauce dripping down her top. Yeah Law, your so classy.

Me & Diana Vickers

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