Only Love Can Break Your Heart

I'm trapped in a 90's vibe, where in my head I'm off to a festival to listen to bands in the sun with a cold beer in a neon plastic cup. Lucky for me the weather is letting me live out this fantasy dressing, so time for more instant spray tan and listening to Saint Etienne. I'm in love with this head chain, I met Chelsea at the motel event and saw this head chain on another blogger. When she said it was from her shop, I had to check it out. Her shop is like a magical festival jewellery hub. Little Teacup Jewellery is so affordable too which makes me love it even more, I love the pieces in the shop and they are so in keeping with my sea punk hippy style. I personal adore this sun necklace 90's babes must have,  but of course my head chain is at the top of the want, need list. 

Top:  Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: ASOS 
Belt: Charity shop

I think I know need to expand my head chain collection, this fits so well and I like that I didn't even have to pin it. Other 90's vibe thing I can't get enough of, is this belt I saw it in the charity shop the other day and for £3.50  I had to get it. I really want some mum/ high waisted jeans that everyone has gone nuts for. I think it would look perfect, plus  great for tricking people into thinking I have a tiny waist ....She says while stuffing chocolate and crisps. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, how are you dressing at the moment? Are you stuck in a decade?


  1. Gosh, that head chain is marvellous - you look like a festival princess! xxx

  2. I agree with Carly you do really look like a festival princess! I love that skirt, it's so cute and flattering! xx

  3. I actually love the Neil Young version of this song but St Etienne were great! Super pretty headchain. I've heard the Topshop Joni jeans are excellent high-waisters, I'm eyeing up the bleach wash lilac..

  4. Oh law , your hair is just so green and perfect I absolutely love t! This outfit is hotttt as well , love how you've cropped and knotted the vest xx

  5. You look amazing the hair colour rea
    Ly suits you x

  6. I love the way the vest hangs with this skirt :)

  7. I share your love for head pieces!


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