Miss Watts Draws Little Old Me

A bit of a short post today, but a massive THANK YOU to Carly Watts she only went and create this of me. I've been a massive fan of Carly's work for ages, and I adore her cool  kawaii like style it's so cute. I love the detail in her work too, she nailed my nose and I'm loving the uber lashes. I feel really touched that anyone would spend time illustrating me, I'm no Venus that's for sure. Carly has a gallery of bloggers portraits and if you fancy Miss Watts making you into a cute bubble of well cuteness she takes commissions. One of my personal faves of her's is of Effie's Makeup box, I think it really looks like Heather and I love that it's a glitter top.

Her blog is really inspiring and I always look forward to seeing what she's been creating, I mean check out her girls. Again they are simply but detailed in all the right ways, that keep you wanting more. She even illustrates wish lists and fashion bits and pieces she loves, I need the Jelly shoes too! I'm so happy as you can tell, thank you so much Carly you don't know how much this means to me. I only wish I could have those lashes in real life. 

(the illustration was based on this outfit)


  1. Aaw! Thank you for posting this Laura, you're so so sweet. Your kind words have really made my night! xxx

  2. Gosh I've just scanned through her blog to see her other illustrations too after seeing your amazing one, she's so talented! Love this, and I guess you're immortalised with green locks now! :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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