F&F Catwalk Show A/W13 Collection

So it may as well be winter here in the U.K as it's cold and were all wrapped up in layers, so seeing the new F&F Clothing at Tesco A/W 13 collection just makes me think 'screw  you summer and pass me a pair of these biker boots and a coat ASAP'. It all took place at the home of London Fashion week Somerset house, and it felt like fashion week had come early and I was joined by Clare and Gemma. There were flashing lights snapping away at not only the collection, but also the massive of celebrities they all came to see what F&F had to offer too.

Firstly not only did I want 70% of this collection, but I loved the way it was styled. Models had lions manes in the form of massive wild curly hair ...Um yes please. I'm typing this while trying to recall were I put my curing tongs! It looked so rock and roll as models strut down the catwalk, and really completed the looks. 

My favourite look, I loved the large toe bag being held like a clutch and that texture mix swoon
Flowers at the wine bar
Eat your heart out Rod Steward, tartan is back!
I must own this dress

There was a coat that was big and fluffy and you could have easily mistaken for Nasty Gal or even Topshop. Than tartan seemed to pour out of every outfit, in the forms of long maxi dresses and a matchy matchy bold look. The colour palettes were mainly black, reds, white and dark alpine greens with the odd splash of colbat blue in punchy graphic prints. It was a mix of texture too, leather with faux fur, floaty fabrics toughen up with boots. Yes it was a boot fest, every model had boots on - Think Girl with the dragon tattoo meets Zara, the perfect balance of raw and tough meets soft but tailored. 

Overall I think they have made me want to ditch some of my jumpers, in exchange for a more layered look. So if I were you start digging out your curling irons, and biker boots to your wish lists. It's great to know that soon while picking up your food shop, you can also pick up some great additions to add into your wardrobe. Of course it won't make your purse cry either, it's a win/win.

What do you think of the collection?

All photos are my own


  1. Yes to lion hair, you would look amazing!

    Maria xxx

  2. Oh it all looks AMAZING! If you'd not said the brand I'd never have thought F&F! Making me looking forward to AW13 already x


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