Current Favourite Beauty Buys - May

All products purchased with my own money

I have such vile skin, no I'm not fishing for compliments my skin is and always has been a spotty mess. It's dry and so it's even harder to tackle the spot, while trying to keep my skin from looking like sponge Bob. Because of my battle with it, and the fact I'm now 30 I pretty much will try everything until I find products that I feel make a really difference. 

So currently these three products have been helping it, and making it a lot more manageable. No they are not miracle products, but I have been using them for over two months so I can tell you they have made a difference. I think if you are buying a skincare product than it's worth sharing, and letting others know what they are like. I'm almost at the end of using them, so have a rounded view of what they are like, rather than using it once and being like 'it's great'.

Garnier -Moisture Match (dry to very dry skin)
Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Ultra-Hydrating Rich Cream 50ml/£5.99 

Usually I give up using face creams after a couple of days using it, I get bored of the smell, it doesn't make my skin feel good or I just forget. How ever this was not the case with the new (at least I think it's new) Moisture Match by Garnier, it's rich without being greasy and doesn't sit on the skin like a lot I have tried. It doesn't have a real scent, it smells like cream but it's not over powering and to me that's great as most that do bring me out in spots. 

It comes in a box and on that it has it's benefits and whats in it, for those of you who have highly sensitive skin. It's stated that it's enriched with Omega 3 & 6, and Camellia oil which are very rich and great for soothing and really feeding the skin. I also found once the cream had soaked in I could also apply my makeup over it, and my skin looked a lot less dull and tried. So it also took off a year or two, as I looked rested I've actually run out of this (a few days ago) and already my skin has gone back to looking patchy so I'm going to repurchase as soon as possible. There is a whole range for different skin types, and for under a tenner it's a bargain beauty buy. I like the packaging, the product is easy to apply with out a screw top lid.

Witch Skincare - Blemish Gel
Witch Skincare Blemish Gel dissolves excess oils and clears spots 35 ML/£3.29

It may smell a little strong, but this has to be my go to when I see or even feel the appearance of a spot. I do like to use face scrubs and washes, but it's nice to leave something on those really sore massive spots that feel like they are taking over your face. This gel is great, as unlike the toothpaste method of drying out the spot Witch Skincare Blemish Gel won't leave your pillow and hair in a mess (if you apply it at night) and it doesn't suck the life from your skin. Instead as it's oil free, it will 
dissolve excess oil. 

The bottle is easy to use with the flap top lid, so no getting in a mess and you don't need a heap of product for it to work. When I get one even during the day, if I can't find my Witch skincare blemish stick, I'll just dab on the gel. This lasted me ages, as I said you don't need a lot of it. Do a patchy test if you have sensitive skin, just as it's a bit stronger as it's more in a neat form rather than used with water. (you can try the face wipes/face wash instead)

Rimmel- Fix & Perfect Pro Primer
Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer smoothes to minimize pores 30ml/£6.99

Lastly a product I keep going back to, when I do wear primer I have been loving Rimmel fix and perfect. I did love the Witch skincare one, but it's so tricky to get hold of so I had to found a new one. I first purchased this when it was on offer, but than loved it so much it's the only one I will buy now. It's a little fake feeling in texture, as it's almost silicone like (will double check ingredients and update to see). So why do I love it? 

It just instantly made my skin feel plump and smooth, the perfect base for my foundation and eye makeup. I found I didn't have to reapply my makeup as much and my spots reduced as  my pores where being blocked with the primer. I'm not sure about the protect and brighten part, as this doesn't have SPF in. So I'm not sure I'll be using it when it gets really sunny, as I have very fair skin. For now it's been amazing and I would recommend it, plus it's not going to cost you heaps either. I'm not crazy about the screw top lid, a flip lid would be better but it's a perfect size to throw in your handbag.

So I hope you enjoyed this, I plan on doing more beauty post as I've found some great products that I worth sharing. It's also a great way for me to see what work for my skin, and also maybe share what isn't worth the hype. Let me know what you would like to see beauty wise?


  1. I'm crazy obsessed with Witch products, its the ONLY drug store skin care i've ever found!

    Kelly ||

    1. they will always be in my beauty cupboard, I love that they are always adding to their range. :)

  2. Skin care posts are always so interesting. Witch products are always so good, I like their face washes and BB cream. The primer sounds quite similar (from your description) to Benefits porefessional, I wonder if its a good dupe?? Xo

    1. yeah it's pretty close to it, not as silk as the Benefit one. :)

  3. Great products! I don't think I've seen any of them in the UK... but it has been a while since I went to the drug store!
    Fashion Ganache

  4. hey just curious, what products in the garnier range would be suited for a more oily/combo skin?

    1. They have one for oily skin and combo, so have a look the range is really good. I want to try the one for dull skin too :)

  5. Great post! I want to try all three of these products! i love using primer but i do find some really greasy or watery. xx

  6. I would like to try that Garnier Moisture Match, it sounds like it would be perfect for my skin :)

  7. I love your choices, especially Rimmel.
    And I must comment on your profile picture - love the color of your hair, stunning!

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