Topshop Nail Polish Review: Gypsy Night (Galaxy In A Bottle)

I'm ill and stuck in bed mostly, the only up side to this is making lists of things I need to do, and deciding what nail colour to pick next. Painting my nails is the only thing I really do on the pamper front when I'm ill, yes it's pointless as no ones going to see it but it gives me something to focus on and keeps my mind off being sick. So I thought I'd share with you one of my all time favourite polishes.

Maybe it's the sixteen year old goth girl within me, but I adore black nail polish. So finding a black nail polish with galaxy style glitter in, is like heaven in a bottle. Topshop's Gypsy Night is a nail polish that a lot of ladies may over look, in the bottle it doesn't look like anything major. However it's an amazing polish that you can get creative with.

Applying- The bottle is really cute, and the brush is short but applies well. For the full effect, go for two to three coats so that colour is deep and the green, golden and red glitter stands out more. You could ask just layer it over a dark polish, I have a really ugly coloured one and I tend to use that as a base. This not only will use up old or unloved polish, but also mean's that your Gypsy Night will last longer.

Getting creative- This is great for using with neon nail art pens and sliver! On these nails I used the sliver to dot the outline of a half moon, than I used it to draw a heart. Once dry, I took my bright pink nail art pen and went over the sliver heart. This makes the colour really pop. You could try just adding some stick on gems, for a more glam look. Get creative!

Wear- I usually apply a top coat just because I like a high gloss finish, but it does last well without. I can usually make it at least four days without a chip! The glitter looks stunning in nature light, so if you prefer to just wear it on it's own it's still effective. I really want this polish on stiletto nails, I think this would be the perfect fit for this shade. Gothic but with the added glam.

Overall: I'd give this polish a 8/10, As much as I adore the colour the only downside is having to layer it. It still remains one of my top ten polishes, as I love the black and glitter. It's priced at around £6, sadly I'm not sure if they still sell this polish. I think you can still purchase it in store, Topshop have a range of amazing colours to choose from (I love the look of their new collection).


  1. This is laaavly! I have models own thunder and lightening which looks the same as this but also has to be layered over a dark colour or about 4 coats for a full deep colour xxx

  2. I hope you feel better soon. That nail polish is awesome, I love a black polish xo

  3. I just brought this and I really love it. Its a perfect autumn/winter colour. And looks lovely for nights out.


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