So Long GFC - Google Friend Connect Is Going

So after having a rough day, I decided to settle down and have a good blog read. I though I would check out some makeup blogs, so natural ended up on the lovely Sophia's blog over at Tattooed Tea Lady and than read this post! Yes you read correctly GFC aka Google Friend connect, that wonderful social media button that keeps me up to date with your blogs and keeps you up to date with mine is going. Gone, over, finished. So where do we go? What do we do, run up to people in the street with print outs of our blogs shouting 'Read it please I beg you'. No, go put the kettle on, breath and just be social savvy. Like Sophia mentions in her post, there are a ton of ways to stay connect with each other.

I think mine will mainly be bloglovin, now you can see who's following you this is now also perfect for following back to your old favours. It's a great format, it's clean and readable and now there's an app for your phone so it's even easier. It also means that you can still run giveaways and treats for your readership. Also lets not Twitter, I think if you do lose anyone, you can easily find them again (hello twitter stalking). So anyway you can follow/add my blog here on Bloglovin if you like, and PLEASE leave your links. I will add you and I'm sad that I may lose some regular readers who have always supported this blog. Google reader will be shutting down July 1st.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I always tried to add ppl on both as mostly read on my phone but will be gutted if I've lost some people!! X

  2. What a great post, I completely agree people should breathe! I've just done a post like this, it's great to have more ways to stay in touch although GFC was very easy :( xo


  3. But i read a blog post saying that Google Reader is going but GFC isn't! AHH, so confused ): xx

  4. It's mental isn't it that GFC is going! It's what I've looked to for years to see how my blog has grown, strange to think it will disappear. I love bloglovin, I've just transferred all my blogs over to there and of course that includes you :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. It's annoying that we may loose most of the followers we had, but bloglovin is an easier way to keep up to date with your fave blogs.. meh blessing in disguise I say

  6. I was so I'll yesterday I thought they were delegating blogs full stop and got really upset until I read your post this morning :) it's taken me a fee hours but now I'm wondering why I didn't use bloglovin in the first place. I love that you can heart posts!!!

  7. I am sad and angry that GFC is going - it seemed so good! All in one place and together with Blogspot - I still really hope it won't go. :(

    My link:

  8. i heard this but how come in still works and i can still get new followers? well confusing

  9. I really don't think GFC is going anywhere..
    Your blogs will still show up in your blogger feed, where I've been reading mine for seven years now.
    It is GOOGLE READER (which I have never used) that is going away.
    It is not the same.


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