D.I.Y Day 12# Studded Socks

I know, I know more studs I promise my next D.I.Y will be a little different but I do love a quick and easy D.I.Y! I also know that not everyone has time for detailed projects, or has the right equipment like a sewing machine. So I will put up some more crafty projects soon, but for now here is a cheeky one, that even the your cat could do.
What you need
-Socks (new or old)
-Screw back studs (off eBay)
Project time: 5-10 minutes

Step 1: The best way to line your studs is along the elastic, I only want the studs on the outer side of the sock but it's up to you if you want them all the way around. Take the back of the stud, and gentle push it through the back of the sock so the screw bit sticks out.

Step 2: Screw the stud front on, and that's all there is to it. Push the sock together so that you can equal match it on both sides. You don't have to use all the studs you have, I just like to sort them so I have the same amount of studs on either side. That's it!

Enjoy & if you try this link your post below in the comments, I would love to see. A
Photo by Barry Lean
Socks: Clothing at Tesco
Shoes: ASOS


  1. This is awesome! I love how you've taken a mixture of trends (ankle socks and studs) and worked them into something original :) x

    1. Thanks Milly, that's what I like to do bring you trends but on a shoe string (plus I love to create and make things) x

  2. Such a cool idea, love it!! I need to get myself some studs soon :)

    1. Do it, great for revamping some boring socks you have x

  3. Love this, edgy & adorable:)

    Sara x

  4. I love this, and the polka dot socks! Do you feel the studs when you wear them? I always feel like they'd annoy me... Xo

  5. You are brilliant. I love this tutorial

  6. I LOVE studded socks and actually done my own DIY on them
    the only differnce I made was I placed tthem along the elastic, which made the DIY a little more awkward as I had to keep the sock elastic stretched to puck the stud through so it wouldnt leave the sock to tight.
    I think its time I made a few more pairs using your beautiful spikes though

  7. Ahh! this is soo cool I want to try this imediatly :)

    I love your blog!


    Rose x

  8. Love the studs on socks idea - definitely going to try and give it a go :) great post.

  9. Just when I think bloggers have covered everything in studs and spikes, I find this :')! Looks fab! I'll definitely have to try this out some time!

    Love J.

  10. Must try this!! Came out great xx


  11. I will be trying this, i have a really cool top i wanted to do it to.

    Thanks, i love your site.



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