Candy Boy

As I'm ill, I'm totally cheating and using a outfit from just before I became sofa bound. I have more press days to post about, but I thought it would be nice to have a little break from them and than post the rest later next week. I hate being ill I have no energy and what ever little I have, gets used up pretty quick making sure my two little boys are okay. Yep no one tells you once you have a kid, you can't get sick! Fact. Also that you give up trying to look good, hello over sized top and greasy hair plus you get bored, crazy bored. 

So to fight the boredom and trying to keep sane by reading magazines, watching pointless television and playing this highly addictive game on iPhone called 'DragonVale' it's pointless but I love it. I do feel like I should be on the big bang theory, every time I play it as I got so excited when I can buy a new dragon- Can't even believe I'm sharing that I must be ill. Note- I am only doing this rubbish when I have attended to my little darlings first, like I said you just can't get sick.

Shirt: Charity shop
Jeans: Primark via Charity shop
Necklace: Claires 
Pumps: New Look
Hat: Miss Selfridges

I'm trying to be more of a 'glass half full' kinda girl, I just want to get back to me- As much as I love watching all the first series of Wilfred etc, it would be great to be back outside in the world again. Anyway I have finally made an account on twitter for the Fbloggers (fashion bloggers), and I will be tweeting when chats will be happening again. I need to update my You Tube, I have a pile of videos that need editing oh well. Hope your all well, I have two giveaways running at the moment. I promise the next post will be more happy and a lot less of me moaning.

What do you do when your ill?


  1. Can't believe you got the shirt from a charity shop! Its laaaaavly xx get well soon xx

  2. I love this outfit. Green and pink go so well together! I really need to make more of an effort myself, sometimes. Like you said, it's all about scraping back your hair and oversized clothes, sometimes - particularly the bad days, when your baby won't settle! I'm not looking forward to the day that I'm ill and still have to run around after my baby :/

  3. Hope you feel better soon Law! That shirt is amazing and I am loving your dip dyed hair, wish I was brave enough to do it!!

  4. I love this shirt, the stripes are so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  5. When i'm ill I eat lots of vegetable soup, fruit and drink loads of hot chocolate and green tea :) fresh orange juice is good too, then I guess plenty of rest and sleep. Hope you feel better soon. I love your shirt :)

    Jo. x

  6. You grunge goddess!!! Hope you feel better! xx

  7. hopefully you perk up over the weekend, i try to just plow through it. that's a pretty wicked shirt, nice colour

  8. Love the shirt!

  9. Love this - you could use the shirt to make a kitsch Kate Spade type outfit too with a full skirt, maybe that's just me! Just voted for you in the cosmo blog awards - good luck babes! xx

    South Molton St Style

  10. You look really cute! The outfit is really nicely put together =^-^= and your hair rocks!

  11. I play ridiculously time consuming yet addictive games like Sims when I'm ill, failing that I read stacks of magazines. Your hair looks gorgeous, and you REALLY suit stripes!


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