Flawless Friends & The London Eye

Firstly I must say a massive thank you to Sarah for these photos, she saved my day and took these photos as I left the battery out of my camera - biggest blogger fail! I did have my phone, so got a few shoots but if Sarah had not taken these it would just an instagram post. Anyway so after hearing that the Vintage festival was being moved, instead of the Witch skin care team cancelling Saturday they went all out for us. If you have not read my other post's, Witch have gathered together bloggers and created 'Flawless friends'. We will write about product, post about events and are here to share the Witch love! As they had arrange for us to go to the Vintage festival, they give us all Hunter boots which we were all overwhelmed by (just amazing).

Witch spoilt us, first we ate in the brand new Wahaca on Southbank which is my number one place to eat in London anyway -so perfect start to our day with mexican food, full tummies all round. We than headed a long the south bank, to go jump into our own pod on the London Eye. I say jump because the Eye doesn't stop, you have to step into the pod quick- I kept saying I felt I should be wearing a white vest like in die hard (Bruce in action, I need to shave my head next time). Once in the pod, we chatted about our must have products when it comes to Witch mine is their primer, and BB cream

Shirt: H&M, Necklace: Topshop, Leggings: American Apparel, Boots: Clothing at Tesco *
Rings: eBay

 ClaireCathryn, MeEmmaSarahZoeLilySarah, ShoreShope

After soaking in the sights of looking over the city, we went for quick drinks before going on the duck tours. It was so funny, as the man on the tour was mad as a hatter! We were given candy and duck blowers too. Now let me just say this boat/car goes from driving around the sights of London like Buckingham palace, to driving into the Thames! 

The water was so close to us it was crazy, we had a laugh at the safety instructions as the life jacket drawing showed a perfectly tied bow. As we said if this goes down, getting the jacket on would be a mission as we were all instagraming. Hhhmmm tweet this, or save yourself decisions. Thankful we drive back to land and hopped off in one piece, I had such a great day. 

I met heaps of lovely new bloggers, and caught up with others (and missed those that could not make it), I can't wait for the next meet and want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU WITCH! Thank you so much to the team Laura, Meg, Helen and  of course Holly!


  1. Gorgeous photos , looks like a fun day :) xxx

    1. Oh I'd love to go to one of these!!! They're always during the week and when I can't go :( I'm missing the Blogger's Picnic today too!


  2. i love that group shot of us!

  3. Aww you look amazing, and this looks like you all had loads of fun :)


  4. Ahh I've been on that same duck tour! It's quite scary as it drives straight into the thames!

  5. loving that outfit on you! so good to see you this week :) xx

  6. I love your shirt! Looks like you had a great time in London.
    Jojo x

  7. Aw it looks like you guys had so much fun. Loving your finger bling!

    The Style Rawr!

  8. This looks like so much fun! I love your top, it's awesome :)

    Maria XXX

  9. you look gorgeous! your necklace is amazing xx


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