Should Have Worn Shorts

So once again looking an idiot in jeans and a jumper with the sun blinding me, but there was no way I was going to change as I'm pretty sure as soon as I had my summer gear on the heavens would open. This was the other day as today was grim again, plus I spend most my time in pyjamas feeling like crap. I rediscovered this jumper last week, as I was sorting things out and decided I would keep it a while longer before giving it to the charity shop.

I dyed a heap of stuff and got covered in dye the other day, I was going to make a tie dye video but than it got to tricky too film and dye the clothing. I may try and do one another time, of different ways I did do a video on dyeing here. I think I need a day that I can just go crazy and unleash my inner hippy, as trying to dye things in between feeding the kids and cleaning the house means it's more just dyed than tie dyed. Yeah my top's were a fail, but my dip dye jeans come out a treat! 

Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Oasis via charity shop
Head scarf: Ma
Ring c/o Maggie Angus
Hair extensions: How to dip dye here

I need to go through all my jewellery again, as I keep misplacing things. I found my shoes ring again, I swear at the end of the day I just throw things in the bag, and forget  about them. Still better that than when I use to leave things in my shoes! It's a really bad habit, but I'm thinking if I sort it all I should make a effort to put it back where it belongs (that's the plan).

Where do you leave things at the end of the day? Got an random places you tend to keep things?


  1. I love how your head scarf matches the dip dye xx

  2. I hate the weather at the moment, whatever I wear I'm not comfortable! :(

    Maria xxx

  3. look at your hair! and the headscarf is so lovelylovely. like you!x

  4. I love your dip-dye extensions!
    I also cannot wait to see your jeans - I have so many old pairs of jeans that I don't want to just throw out because of the landfills, blah, blah :)

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Your hair looks fab! I also made the mistake of being the fool in jeans and a jumper yesterday, too warm!

  6. Your hair is amazing. I've been dying things too, it's so much fun!!

    As for misplacing things, I leave my rings all over the house - I'm constantly losing them! ;)

    The Style Rawr!


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