Wonder Woman Heels (Daisy Street Shoes)

I first heard about Daisy street shoes through Facebook, a friend of mine had got some 'going out' shoes for clubbing. Being the shoe addict that I am, I through I would go check out the site and see why she loved this brand so much. Clicking on to the site, I found myself not knowing where to look, so many cool and pretty shoes from flats to heels my eyes were going crazy trying to take them all in. Than I spotted these beauty's, which I can only describe as Wonder woman's heelsBut I wasn't meant to be buying anything just looking, so I left them and adding them to my wish list. I had half forgotten about them ....

Than a few weeks later I was having a cup of tea and flicking through LOOK magazine, and there they were in the back of the ad section. 'No I need to be strong' said the boring sensible side of my brain, while the other side was screaming 'BUY THEM NOW'. Than I spotted that there was a discount code, well it's almost rude to not get them when fate is clearly a women who is also shoe obsessed and she's showing you the way! So I went to their site, throw a pair into my virtual basket and added the discount code in (which is LOOK10 'oh did I say that out loud') got 10% off and free delivery! Not bad for £22!

Yes the heel is massive and I will need to practise in these, but if your a natural in heels than you won't have a problem, if heels scare you they have really cute flats too. I have bookmarked them and think I will be getting dome more in the further, they come with in the week and I love them! I think I'm a bit addicted to anything with a USA theme at the mo, it goes back to Wonder woman damn her. Still better than me going around London in a cape surely.


  1. one word AMAZING:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  2. wow, those heels are awesome!

  3. he, thanks for your lovely and helpful comment!
    and wow!! look at these shoes! fantastic!!

    very special! love them.

  4. They are to cool!

    I love them!

    Little Miss Sunshine
    A Great British Style Blog

  5. Good lordy! Thanks for doing this post, will check the shoes out, they look fab x

  6. Loving these shoes. Great find


  7. I am so checking out that website. I'm a sucker for Stars and Stripes too at the moment! Love these!! x


  8. These are amazing! <3

    Even better with the added discount code too! :D Defo going to check out the brand now.


  9. Ah, I saw these on the website and wanted them! £22, what a bargain! Love them :) xx

  10. I loveeeee these! I have American flag shorts too....maybe I should buy them!

    missluxurylifestyle.com xx

  11. Oh MY! I LOVE these. If only I was one for wearing heels, I would wear these everyday.


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