Picture This #10 (Window Shopping At Easter)

So these were from the other day when I was out shopping, as I said in my other post I didn't really see much that I felt I needed to buy (pretty things, but not enough to temp me). I did see heaps of lovely displays, I didn't snap them all but here is some I did snap  when shopping at Carnaby street .....

Illamasqua display, is of the new collection Human Fundamentalism collection it has a great Frida Carlo feel to it. I love their palette's for this collection, and when my shadows run low I think I will have to purchase one.  Puma, have a London calling theme going on in their displays and had these amazing 3D telephone boxes covering their shop front. I adore the huge skull (skull addict), that of course is Cheap Mondays trademark and makes for such a clean, yet punchy display. 

Finally took a visit to the new Monki store (dream come true) and have added lots of things to my wish list, as my wardrobe is overflowing at the moment. Their displays and the store is so cool, in true Monki style their models have disco ball's for heads, and I wish I could have got snaps inside as it's so cool. Lastly I spotted a few Egg's which was part of the big London hunt (such a great idea). The bottom one was outside MAC store and I would have gladly taken it home. So until next time, hope you have had a chocolate filled Easter and oh a huge THANK YOU to the gorgeous Kim who featured me on her blog Sweet Monday xx


  1. Loving the clothes on display in Monki!!!!! xXx

  2. Wow such a cute window display!

    Emma x

  3. Thanks girl, it is always lovely to see such vivid posts. I always feel I travel with you. So nice, especially that today was such a rainy day in Athens.
    Discovered your pretty blog and followed!
    I cant wait for you to drop by my blog soon....I will soon have a pretty giveaway.
    Filakia (kisses in Greek)

  4. That is so pretty. I would love to window shop at a place like that. Actually, maybe not. I'd spend all my money.



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