Les Artist

I love Santigold and Les Artist has to be one of my favourite tracks off her album Santogold, I have been listening to music again lately. There was a point where I hadn't put on music for over a month, it's hard as I use to listen to music out and about all the time. Once Corbie was born, it felt horrid not talking to him (even when he was a tiny bub).

I have started to put it on when I'm tidying up, it lifts me to hear songs that remind me of friends and parties etc...and even Corben has a little dance around to it. I really want to do some crafts, dye my hair this weekend, but I think I will be lucky to get 5 minutes to myself. I have a pile of D.I.Y projects I what to get started on, and now that I have join Pinterest (best thing ever) I feel so inspired.

 Shirt: Vintage charity shop
Vest: H&M
Jeans: F&F at Clothing At Tesco
Wedge shoes: Primark
Scarf: It was my nan's from the 70's
Necklace: Ebay

 I swear that by next week my bloke will have to shove me in the bath and put me to bed, as I seem to be lose in it for hours. Than when I realise half the night is gone, night time is usual when I get things done (paint nails, clean up, watch pointless stuff and have a bath and that). I blame Pinterest for if I start looking like a hobo! If you have no idea what I'm on about, it's like an online mood board tumblr, where you can repine others images and pin images across the web making your very own inspiration boards. Anyway check it out, oh I love these green jeans, like I said in my post yesterday Tesco has a great range of coloured jeans and they were £14!



  1. Gorgeous look <3 Love it <3

  2. Are those jelly shoes like Vivienne Westwood does?

    I've already pinned you on MY board! Hope you don't mind. I'm Ja Ell on there.

  3. This is such an amazing outit Law, so pretty and colourful. Love the shoes especially!

    And I have phases where I don't listen to music for a while and others when I listen to it non-stop, depends on my mood!


  4. Cute outfit the colours go really well together! :)
    Simi xo

  5. Gorgeous outfit lady - I love those shoes :)

    Love your blog, it's just nice and 'real' if you know what I mean! ha

    Sasha xx


  6. I'm the same, a complete night owl, can stay up and busy til 3am easily! Hmm!!

    I love EVERYTHING about this outfit, I am quite impartial to mint jeans <3 xx


  7. Your shoes are GORGEOUS. As if they're primark! I love the amount of colour you have in this outfit and you've pulled it off swimmingly.

    I haven't joined pinterest yet, I fear if I do i'll have to be weaned off


  8. you should definitely buy the blazer it's awesome!!! :) and love this outfit and how the colours all go amaaaaaaaaazing together!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  9. This is a lovely outfit, I love the colours in it. Those shoes are so pretty xx

  10. Those jeans are gorgeous!

    Just to let you know I'm having a giveaway (click here!), including a Benefit Erase Paste :-)

  11. Cute outfit! I'm in love with your headscarf!

    Love L. xx

  12. Aw you look beautiful Law!

    I know what you mean about music, I always have TV in background but love dancing around and tidying up to music!

    that said all musci on my iPod is uber depressing!!! :-/



  13. like the pants! all the colours are so perfect for spring!

  14. Beautiful mix of colours! I love mixing prints at the moment :)


  15. love ur outfit, it's fab! :) x

  16. Just started following you, you have really interesting style :)x

  17. This is such a great look! Love it x


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