Digging Out The Flatforms

I love when something becomes fashionable that you have already, this is the case with the flatform. I got these neon ones years ago, like well over 6 years ago when I first saw them I thought they were ugly but I needed some sandals with a wedge. I went through a wedge stage, where I lived in them they give me height and are more comfortable than heels. It's nice to wear these without the odd looks, so glad I hang on to them. There was just something about them, I like fulgy shoes I use to have a pair of dolly shoes that were faltforms for school I adored them. I also wore some of my new jewellery, like this cute camera ring.

Feeling a little better, but still a bit run down so I though that getting out in the sun would help get my vitamin D and all that. Plus Logan who's now 9 weeks (I think) has a cold, my poor bub so i thought it was time he had some much needed 'fresh' air. I say 'fresh' because in London, that word is a bit of a joke. It was a very nice day and I'm glad I went out, I feel better for it and looking forward to this week. Going to be doing some baking, and I really want to start some new D.I.Y projects.

Top & Belt: Primark (old)
Jeans: Topshop
Flatforms: Found at the back of my closet (mega old)
Rings: c/o Jimmy & his girl & Primark
Bracelet: EBay
Sleek lipstick in Amped (review here)

As Summer is fast approaching I've decided to get healthy, since having Logan I have been eating heaps of junk food take outs, chocolate and crisps. My skin has gone to pot, and my jeans are getting tighter and tighter so I need to nip it in the bud. Today I made a start, it feels good knowing that soon I will have more energy, clear skin (well almost) and fingers crossed be more toned. I'm a health weight and I like meat on my bones, but I'd just like everything to be a little more firmer so I'm not going on a diet. I think when it comes to food it has to be a lifestyle change, than just going on a diet which most of the time is for the short term, so many diets are dodgy and are unrealistic.

I could never keep to a diet, supermarkets are evil with chocolate and crisps always on offer and Easter is hell. It needs to be long term, next year I turn 30 and I want to feel and look my best. I am taking my multivitamins (& Iron) to help my body after having my son as well, for any post pregnant mums it's so important to look after yourself. You have spent the last 9 months producing a person, your body will need to be nourished if your breast feeding this is even more important. I'm breast feeding (it's cool if you bottle feed I hate the judgement, it's your choice) so need to make sure I eat well, your body will stop producing milk if you diet and it's so dangerous for both you and your baby. So I think that I need to cut the junk and eat more fish and veg, to help Logan as well, who by the way is a right little lump bless him. 

Are you changing what you eat? what's your tips for a healthier body? 


  1. im with you on the healthy eating thing,since my son i had my son (19 months ago,omg!)i have eaten way to much crap! im starting tomorrow and stocking up on vitamins as my iron levels keep dropping so much. and as mummys we really have to look after ourselves! xx

  2. love this outfit, especially the rings! :) x

  3. Hot damn, I love all those accessories! Necklace, bracelet, rings... I want 'em all!


  4. You look fab mrs mother of two! Know what you mean though, the healthier you are in the inside, the better you feel about the outside. X

  5. Nice shoes!


  6. You look fabulous!
    I love the shoes, I aren't a standard flatform fan, meaning the black kind of ballet flat on a flatform ones, but these I love. x

  7. I'm still not sure about flatforms, they make my legs look dreadful! Love that ring - was too scared of maiming myself to buy it though! x


  8. Love this look, those wedges are amazing! I need to start eating healthy too! x

  9. I love the pops of pink from your lipstick and shoes! Cute rings too :) x

  10. aww i love your rings and those shoes! :)


  11. I love this combo :]



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