Fresh Flames: One Dress Two Ways

Fresh Flames is a brand I had never heard of before, they asked a few bloggers to take up a dress challenge styling one dress from day to night. I'm not sure why but I was draw towards the orange and blue colour block bodycon dress, than I suddenly thought hang on it's bodycon  'Law it's bodycon love, it's clingy and that's alright if you have a toned bod to show off, but you don't '.  It arrived and panic began to set in, but than I thought I have to try it at least. The fabric is perfect for the sporty luxe trend, and is a full on neon orange and blue which I think would like divine on darker skin (if your pale it can be tricky).

Once I put it on, it's actually nice. Take note you need smooth underwear for a streamline effect, all mine are have lace bits and so the smooth effect was ruined. I did feel sexy in this, it's a great fit around the bust and I liked that it showed off my curves even if I'm not toned. The day look, I decided on a denim shirt over the top with flat pumps and chunky jewellery. I also put tights with both looks as my pale legs with these colours wouldn't work.

Day LookDenim Shirt: Primark
Dress: c/o Fresh Flames
Shoes: Primark
Necklace and Ring: Charity shop & EBay

Night Look, Skirt: H&M 
Belt: Primark
Dress: c/o Fresh Flames
Shoes: Charity shop
Hair bow: c/o Style icons closet

Now as you know I have a toddler and a 7 week old baby, so my nights are usually spend reading bedtime stories and changing nappies. So my version of the night style is based on if I still went out and about, how I would personal style this dress. Also that is my bra peaking out the top, my photograph aka for today my mother failed to tell me 'mum your fired' anyway on to the outfit. The night look, I opted to cover the bottom half of the dress with a high waisted black skirt. Again I wore tights and swapped my flats for some heels, I also added a belt and a hair bow to tie in the orange.

So I do like this dress but I don't think I could rock it with my life style now, it's great for if you like to go clubbing (quick change from work to night) and like I said it ticks the sports luxe trend.  Saying that Fresh Flames offer heaps of other dresses and accessorises on their site, like this dress which is part of their boutique selection which I adore and is very mum friendly. 


  1. Love the way you've styled both looks. I would never think to put a denim shirt over bodycon, you look fab!...*rummages in wardrobe to find dusty bodycon dress* So happy I've found and followed your blog, I have no idea how I've managed to miss it all this time! :)

    Dannii xx

  2. I like the denim shirt!
    Followed. Maybe you'll stop by me someday too.

  3. Love denim shirts so versatile! Thanks for following my blog:) Have a lovely weekend!

  4. oh love both outfits you look lovely in both :) Would really like if you checked out my blog...maybe follow :)x

  5. Love both of these looks. It looks like a really versatile dress and the colours really suit you. I don't get to go out much either! The Twitter tag in your last post sounds great, I would love to join in!

  6. Great outfits!
    Love your blog and I am your new follower.
    Check out mine when you get time. <3 Nice time!

  7. Love how you'd styled it- there's so many things to do with a denim shirt!


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