ASOS Hysterical Platform Shoes

Images: Mine

Okay so yes they are not buggy friendly, and running around after my two year son Corben would be silly as I would not get far, but I still wanted  needed these shoes. I saw these ages ago in ASOS magazine and fell in love, I put them on my Christmas wish list and Barry being the amazing and loveable boyfriend actual got me them! Let's face it sometimes you can ask your man to get you something, and he takes that as 'I want something completely different' which sometimes works and other times you just have to do the grateful face.

So were they as lust worthy in real life, errrr hold your hands under your mouth and prepare to drool. They are too cute, I have not wore them out yet but I have done the in door catwalk in them. You know what I mean, when you get that new pair of shoes and do a strut around the house in them. The ankle strap gives them great support and the pink bow makes me feel like Madonna in the Material Girl video, yes they put a huge smile on my face and give my stumpy legs the length I have always dreamed of. The ASOS Hysterical Platform is my dream shoe, I am only worried that the fabric will get trashed ( True to size and they don't pinch at the front, adjustable buckle on strap, 1 1/4" platform and 5 1/2" heel.). This year I made a promise that rather than treating my shoes like art, and just displaying them I need to wear them or what's the point. So I'm already planning an putting or two for these baby's! I can promise you I won't be carrying my new born Logan in them, as unlike the celeb's I know my children are not handbags. These will me wore in 'me' time days (when I evenly get one).


  1. Ooh! They are lovely! You'll have to do an OOTD with them when you get to wear them :)

    Have a good weekend doll xx

  2. These are very cute - they remind me of Vivienne Westwood's Melissa range. xxx

    South Molton St Style

  3. Hey! Just discovered your blog. OMG, how fab are these shoes! Would love you to stop by mt blog (you could win £150 voucher to spend online) & if you love please follow & I'll happily follow you back xoxo

  4. they are gorgeous and exactly the kind of shoe I'd imagine you in! x

  5. They are delightful

    Eda ♥

  6. Beautiful! Amazing what a bow can do! X


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