Lush Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb

So I was really looking forward to this, as I had been eyeing it for ages I loved the idea of Phoenix Rising £3.15 per 100g (which is one). That it starts off at the bottom of the bath, and bubbles up and fizzy around the bath sounded really cool (I'm such a big kid). So just before Christmas, on a Lush stock up trip (before baby arrived) I got some. Now as you may know I use to work for Lush (back in the day), so it's always exciting to try a NEW product as there's not a heap that I have not used, became addict too. 

I got a crap one. Firstly it didn't sink (sad face) than just looked sorry for itself as it floated about. Than about 25 minutes into my bath, at which time I had given up it began to fizzy to reveal a green inner layer. So to say I was gutted, yes I'm a loser and I was looking forward to it but it wasn't all bad. On the plus was the after effect, usual with a bath bomb they can dry my skin out but this was heaven! It is actual really oily, and left my skin so, so soft also it smells divine of fruit and does have a warm spicy scent and has a glitter shimmer in the bath. I does'nt leave glitter on your skin, it just leaves your skin soft and smelling ...Well Lush!

Even if the drama of it failed, the end result has meant it will be going in my basket again the smell, feel and also colour of the water was amazing (it did leave a pink tint around the bath, but did came off after a quick scrub of the bath). I hope my next one will rise, so I get the full effect of this bath bomb I would recommend this for dry skin and also if you are feeling stressed. It left me feeling calm and refreshed.

8/10  (On smell and how it left my skin)
4/10 (Effect of it rising, maybe mine was a faulty one)

Snap of me in the bath c/o of Barry Lean AKA my bath helper (you need one at 9 months pregnant) I love the colour and can you see the glitter shimmer.


  1. This sounds lovely, I wish I had a bath!


  2. that pick of u under the water is AWESOME!

    Hope all is well with you and the little man in ur tummy!!


  3. AMAZEEE!! This photo of you in the bath (sounds weird! LOL!) is beautiful. The colours and everything remind me of summer days by the lake. And the shimmer and glitter - perfect! :) X

  4. i've still to try this but it looks amazing! crossing my fingers that yours was one of a very few faulty ones because the effect sounds so cool and i want to see it for myself! and that photo of you in the bath is great! x

  5. Oh no! Sucks you got a bad one :(
    Love the pic though!


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