In The Bag

January has been a busy month, I turned 29 and had a baby which I can safely say will be a one off. Oh I'm so lame but I was well excited to see that in this months Company magazine, they featured my tweet (total geek girl moment) yeah I'm Law1sfab. Yes I am das uber geek! My mum even got a extra copy, just for my tweet ha ha we are so cool that way. My to do list is piling up, I have like a billion D.I.Y's I want to do and a heap of posts to write. I never realised that my blog really is my other baby, I'm so proud of how far it's came and again can't thank you all for reading, commenting and just always supporting me.

I have like a billion little things to share, I swear once I get a second to inhale I will pick up a camera and start snapping. I need to get back in the blog/ life balance, it's tricky but I know I will get there. Anyway here are some things I got for Christmas and my birthday, I have some shoes I have to show you and also all my new necklaces etc. Like I say I will have haul posts coming and fingers crossed my D.I.Y's, and even some outfit posts (oh la la). So anyway .... 

My new favourite ring:
How amazing is this ring, it's a double ring which is tricky to wear but I love it. It's so cute and kooky, I am looking forward to wearing it now my fingers are not all puffy (pregnancy fingers are not fun).  
I adore these two nail polishes, the Revlon one I won from Navilicious Beauty giveaway which is scented you need about three coats but it's such a great colour. The other I got off EBay, everyone has OPI Rainbow Connection so I wanted a glitter polish that was different. I found this one and had to get it, it was like £1.80! Love it.

My new iPhone case:
I have wanted one of these forever and when Barry upgraded my phone, I could finally buy one. I got him off EBay and I also have a white one, and a bear one haha yep you could say I like them. I think it's so cute and I have had a heap of people ask where I got it from, plus it's a really good case easy to put on and protective (which is why you buy on in the first place).

Gifts I got for Christmas:
My friend got me both of these for Christmas which was so sweet, I will do a post on the Fearne Cotton makeup (with swatches) and let you know what it's like. She also got me Gingerbread girl by Philosophy, which I just want to eat! It smells like Christmas in a bottle and it leaves your skin so soft so utter winner. I really love the packaging on both too, yes I'm simple. Anyway these are just some of the lovely things that I'm using and looking forward to wearing and trying. 

Like I said got a heap more stuff to share, so I will do a haul post soon I think as it's all a bit random and if I can I will try and upload a You Tube video. I have missed doing my You Tube videos, as it's always fun to make them and also you can see things better in a video.


  1. the tache ring looks massive, it must cover a couple of fingers?

  2. Congrats on the birth of bubba Logan sweetie! Just been catching up on your Tweets and he is such a cutie (: I saw your Tweet in Company too, exciting! Hope you're doing well Law! xx

  3. I want an iPhone purely for that case!

  4. I cant do 2 finger rings, theyre too restrictive but they look awesome!


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