River Island S/S 2012 Part 2

So here is the 2nd part of the River Island press day, yes I know I was snap happy but sometimes I find it really annoying when someone only shows you a few things and that's it. I like you lot to see it as if you were there by my side. So yes this is photo heavy, but at the same time you can see just how amazing these pieces are and what you have to look forward to come S/S 2012.

How amazing is this dress, it also comes in white!

The dress pictured above could easy have come off the catwalk, the cut out sides and the graphic print make it a sure to be sell out. I actual didn't want to put it down, I can't wait to see people rocking it in the summer it really is such a cool dress. The collection below is the one I'm dreaming of, like I said before think 90's band Shampoo. I love the prints on from the flowers on a grey boxy sweater, to the tropical print shirt. It's the neon pink and gold oversized knit has has my heart, I want them and the studded pink shorts.

 Well bring on Summer please, as I really, really can not wait from shoes to bags this whole collection is just perfect for me. I adore all the collections, which is so rare and I'm looking forward to seeing other bloggers wearing and styling this collection come S/S 2012. Like I said not everyone's cup of tea, but I really think there is someone for everyone here. If you take the pieces away from one another I think you have some catwalk like strong statements. Plus it's nice to see a happy, playful and less structured collection this year it's about being bold and standing out. 

 Stud me up shoes, don't mess with this gal


  1. I loved the knits, and those hippiesh pieces, the sandals -the red one- and the sweater and bags... Sooooo nice! I am in love with some pieces! xo Anna

  2. OH MY LAWD- THOSE DRESSES. A girl could spend every penny she owns with things like that!


  3. I literally cannot wait for summer now!! it looks like its going to be so studded/beaded and all aztec and navajo prints. My actual FAVS!!! ROLL ON SPRING/SUMMER xxxx

  4. I love River Island anyway but these photos have made me love it even more! Can't wait for Summer aaaah :) xxx

  5. Wow I love the trainners :] Cant wait for RI new stock now x

  6. hard to believe it's actually River Island, the colours looks amazing!

  7. I want it all. X


  8. LOVE everything!! Such fabulous colours! Bring on the summer!!

  9. Wow, so colourful!!

    Sadie x



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