More December Haul ......

So yes, yes I have been to the charity shop again, I know it's bad because it's not like I didn't get any presents for Christmas (this was just before Christmas when I had got all my presents for people). I think it's because I only have a few weeks to go before baby is due, I'm bored everyone (my chum's) bless them are all having to work so it's keeping me busy.

 My local Sue Ryder shop is a little gold mine I swear, I wanted a bowl for Barry (my bloke) as he also puts his things in the same place but never can seem to find his essentials before he sets off for his day. So I though that having a bowl to dump, put these things in would take a little stress out of the morning for him. I found these two blue bowls priced at £1.50 each, so was well happy as now I have one for my crap things. I also got these two necklaces, I'm into big pieces at the moment and I love anything tribal (getting set for SS 2012).

Blue glass bowls £1.50
Necklaces: £2.50 each

Mary Katrantzou style, printed vintage skirt

I think after seeing all the press days, my head has been swimming with spring summer so I was on a hunt for print. I really adore both the skirts I found, the top one is vintage and has a very Mary Katrantzou feel (I think this will be a huge look on the high street come summer) to it I also adore this multi coloured cardigan with the cute button detail. I wanted more green in my wardrobe, so on my 'find green' contained quest I found another cute cardigan simple but will be great on warm summer nights. Lastly a little out there is this Morgan skirt, usual I hate this brand but I love, love this print anything pink with a crazy print appeals to my crazier side. Of course these will look better in outfits, I have ideas already about what I will team them with come Summer ...Yes I know it's winter but I have a baby bump! So of course I'm going to buy for when I will be back happy, in my clothing I'm in no rush to diet or anything so fingers crossed the skirts will fit. Anyway everything came to £20 squid so I was well happy.

Anyway am I the only one already buying pieces for SS 2012 ....I blame my hormones if anyone asks.


  1. everything looks so bright and nice! love the necklaces, i also need some statement pieces like these you've got. the same price would be a dream!

    have a nice rest of week!

  2. Wow great buys, you've done so well the necklaces are fab.


  3. Love the crazy Morgan print! I do love a good charity shop bargain! x


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