Christmas Party Time From: H&M

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Floral Dress £25,
            Orange Wrap dress £12.99                             

So I know most of you will have a heap of party's to go to (you lucky ladies), so I thought over Christmas rather than moaning at you all how I can't fit in anything (I'm 8 moths pregnant). I would put together a series of party wear idea's, from the high street for you to make even the smallest budget go that little bit further. I went straight to my second home, for the first Christmas party time looks and had a look at what H&M have to offer us this festive season....

So here are two very simple but ultra chic dresses, you can wear them again which for me is always a winner. It's okay to go for party, party wear but it's nice to be able to get same really wear out of your dress. I love the wrap dress which comes in a number of different colours too, for that print you could get a couple. If your more into print than this kimono style dress is perfect, both dresses suit most figures too. Plus I wanted to show that you can buy one statement bag, and a great party shoe to get to different looks. With a patterned dress, earrings are always good as a necklace can steal attention from the dress. With a very simple wrap dress, adding a cool modern chunky necklace adds instant glamour without looking like a Christmas tree. 

You could team both outfits with some pretty flats, if your not a heels girl but it is nice to brave it for a night and make any length legs look killer. So these were my picks from H&M, but they have loads more and I could easy show you a million things from there. I hope this will help you. Let me know if you would like to see more of these, or if you have any party outfit woes. I'm love to help, so feedback is always welcome ..........


  1. I have these Vesace for H&M earrings and can only say - they look super pretty, but are mega heavy. I'm wearing them in one of the recent posts and had to take them off after a really short time. I thought my ear is gonna rip. And the horrible thing I cannot return them, because they're earrings. Duh! :( X

  2. Oh no Jo, we don't like earrings that are a mini torture
    :( thanks for commenting as than ladies will know. I have a mate and she wear's crazy ones, but I'm like you I can't handle heavy ones. Yes Toni how cute is it ! I really want to get it :)


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