Lush Pow Wow Lip Scrub Review

This is the first lip scrub I have tried from Lush, I do love the look of the Bubblegum lip scrub as I love the smell and the colour (got to love pink) but for some reason never ended up buying it. My lips get dry, but they rarely get flakey so I guess I never have needed it. Oh how that has changed over the last couple of weeks, lately as it's getting colder and I have been ill I have noticed they have been rough and chapped all the time. 
It's priced at £4.75 per jar (you get 25g)
which is more than enough to keep you going, as you don't need a lot. I think this is great for lips that are in a rough state, but if your lips are fine than I would say leave them. 

The Result:
Any girl knows that chapped lips plus lipstick, equals looking like a mess it's really just like drawing around your dry lips with a marker saying 'stare here'. So to get the chance to try a lip scrub came at a perfect time. Pow Wow is their limited edition festive lip scrub (unlike the Bubblegum one they have all year), I do like limited editions it makes them special providing them are good quality. Pop Wow has popping candy in it too, so it's actual fun to use I wasn't sure about it's neon green colour but I love the smell! It has lime oil in so has such a zesty, fresh smell and orangic jojoba oil to help with redness and soreness. 

So how do you use it, it's actual really easy! You just take a small amount (really you don't need a lot) and apply to lips in a circular motion take I just slap shed it off with water as I washed my face, see easy. I would say do this in the morning with your daily routine, as I think if you used it out it could get messy, as I used it over the sink and the bits do fall from your lips. It is fun to eat a little too because of the popping candy, but I wouldn't all the time because the other oils will give you gut ache for sure. 

Overall I really like this product I have been using it for a week, one day on and off as you don't need to scrub everyday. I love the smell and think it's kinda cool that it's green for Christmas, I think that I would get this again and now I really want to get the Bubblegum one. My lips are soft and when I wear lipstick, lip tint or gloss it goes on nicely now. If you are using a scrub you must put the moisture back in, I have been drinking water too as this can be a huge factor in dry lips. Also this scrub has a longer shelf life than most Lush products, so you get more use out of it.

(Great to have in the makeup bag when lips are in a state)


  1. I've got the bubblegum one and end up licking it off my lips all the time.. :p It's great though I hate when I have lipstick on and it goes darker where your lips are cracked! xo

  2. Argh I was soo tempted to buy this the last time I was in Lush, but in the end I was like No no I don't *really* need it do I?! Totally regretting it now.

  3. My lips have been dying from the cold so think I might have to purchase some of this crazy coloured lip balm. Thanks for your comment on my blog! xx

  4. This looks weird - green gooeyness, but I know it'll smell wonderful! :) X


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