Necklace: A Weathered Penny
Top: MaxC London
 Free hand lotion in this months Marie Claire & Instyle

Had a couple of bad nights were I have hardly spelt at all, I think my eye bags say it all really my bump is now so big and Logan kicks me all night. Anyway was so happy to finally pick up my magazine freebies, I love them as I don't always have heaps of money to get some beauty treats. Like I said in the video, Fee from Makeup Savvy keeps me (and everyone) up to date with offers and things, I adore her blog. I'm so happy that I finally found my necklace, I love the mini skull on it and freaked out when it went missing. I was tidying up and found it had fallen down behind my draws, so it was a nice surprise. I'm loving green at the moment and wish I had more of it in my wardrobe, so I wore my Max C top which is so cute, I love how it's all knitted. 

I have Barry's (my blokes) birthday meal tonight, which I can't wait for his birthday isn't till the end of the month but this place fills up quick. I will share photos from it, as it's going to be very different from just a regular meal (you will see). Anyway hope you enjoy the weekend, and sorry if my face is looking a tad scary. I could just say I'm early for Halloween. 


  1. I love your nails so much! Very Halloween-y!

  2. Aww your necklace is really nice I adore.

    I have always wanted to try Cowshed products, do you love them?

    Sarah Betty xx

  3. i love the nails and necklace!

  4. YOU look amazing. actually a natural beauty.!! Can't wait to see the pics from Barrys meal



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