Splash Of Colour

Top worn as scarf: Camden
Purple top: C/O Tesco
Vest: H&m
Bag: Primark

I'm still working on the 2nd part of the Hyper Japan Tabio post, I never realised how many photos I actual took (lets just say I am having to edit my butt off). So London weather seems to be changing more than Lady Gaga's wig's, you can see the look of utter confusion on peoples faces with people in shorts and sandals while others are sporting jumpers and wellington  boots .......... Yes we are all having mental breakdowns trying to work out what to wear. 

So this was an outfit from the other day, when the sky opened and decided we had our day of summer and now should return to normal. I'm starting to find everything really tight as I'm almost 5 months pregnant now (I know I need to update my pregnancy dairy just a tad) so going to have to buy some bits soon. 

I give my hair a trim and took off to much so know it's gone all weird, still it looks a little thicker now (needs dying so badly). Anyway I picked up this lush shirt from the charity shop for about £3, I will show you it looks like the one I wanted from Topshop but without the £46 price tag. I find the trick is to just buy a stupidly large size and you get that same look, and it's the little detail (this one is simple yet chic). Oh I'm so glad you all enjoyed the Twitter tag video, and I promise to do some more funny ( me talking my randomness) videos. So sorry I have been lame and not updating as much as I like, but my morning sickness is still so bad anyway not going to moan hope you are all well and I will be having a good read on the weekend of everything you have been up too.

Ring: H&M men


  1. That purple top is so nice, so is the ring! Great outfit Laura :) xx

  2. You look so cosy Laura, shame you have to wear a scarf in summer though.

  3. you look lovely - that ring is amazing!! never would of thought to look in h&m mens! x

  4. Gorgeous girl! I love that ring, the bag...and well, basically all of it!

  5. You look adorable! The colour of your top suits you x

  6. a girl always loves pink, great look sweets! xoxo

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  7. Great splash of colour from your scarf! I'm particularly in love with your ring, though..

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  8. i love the scarf and the pop of color it gives


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