Each Peach & A Strawberry ( + A Pregnancy Update)

Shirt: Charity shop
Leggings: Tesco
Boots: Office (old)
Bump: all mine

My bump is starting to really show now, and I'm starting to feel it more now (it's like carrying around a basketball full of water around) it won't be long before I can do the big reveal to you and my friends and family about the sex of the bub. Like I have before I don't mind either way, I just can't wait to have another amazing kid and make Corben a big brother. Corben has hit the terrible twos already I think as he has been driving me mad, I think at this age they need to just run around non stop or they have a strop at everything. It's his birthday soon so we are going to the farm for a nice day out, hope doesn't rain I don't mind if it's chilly but the you can't do much in the rain (well apart from jump in puddles according to Corbie) yeah thanks Peppa pig !

Anyway had a result today on one of my charity shop hunts, I got a few tops and these two really cute vase thingy's for £3 they are big and I have put them in the bathroom. I was looking at same last month that retailed at £45 quid each (yeah clicking on), so I was well happy. I am going to do a haul post as I have not done one in forever and I have had a few mini trips to the charity shop, the ones near me are bursting with goodies at the moment. I keep looking at stuff but than putting it back, as you can only wear certain cut's of clothing with the bump.

Necklace: Primark
Ring: H&M
Nails: POP polish , Barry M crack polish, pound shop glitter top coat
Bracelet: Primark

Slowly getting back into doing my makeup and nails, I have been so lazy and not really had the time to play with my makeup or nail ideas. I felt normal today, it's amazing how the little things make you feel I wore my clock ring that I got from H&M a while ago and my Primark strawberry necklace which only cost me £4!
This shirt I wore today was the charity shop find I tweeted about, I saw a similar one at Topshop but didn't have the £50 for it this one was £3.95 and is almost the same. The weather here in London has been awful so I throw on my old Office boots which I have not worn for about two years, I forgot I even had them (how bad is that). Anyway hope you all have a fab weekend and don't forget it's bank hoilday (hooray if you don't have to work hugs if you do). 


  1. You're positively glowing, you look great! And those are some GORGEOUS jewellery, L! x

  2. i love your ring and the colour of the shirt looks great on you ^^ and i hope everything goes well!

  3. I have been such a bad blogger lately and am so out of the loop. Congratulations on the pregnancy!!! That is sooo exciting. Can't wait to hear what you are having. You look amazing and so happy.
    I am loving the necklace and definitely need to hunt around here and see if we have anything similar.
    Congrats again!

  4. love ur peach top!!! and that clock ring is so cute!

  5. Love your necklace, really pretty crystals!


  6. i loove your necklace and the nails are cute :)


  7. Those accessories! Ahh! They're perfect. I'm so happy for you! Your bump is adorable and you're glowing :)

  8. You look great! Such a cute shirt and those nails are amazing. Your right, your beginning to show a little, bet your so excited! xx

  9. AAAahhh I find pregnancy so exciting, it must be so cool to have a bump :3 I love that shirt and necklace


  10. Looking gorgeous! And love the shirt! xo

  11. You look great, love your outfit and the bump looks cute!

  12. that shirt is beautiful on you my darling x

  13. Aww look at you!! Gorgeous!! Can't wait to hear the sex of the bambino! :)

  14. You are just plain gorgeous. xx

  15. You are just plain gorgeous! xx

  16. what a beautiful clock ring :) how are you doing laura? you are glowing, love the bump, awwww :)
    can't wait to hear about the sex of the baby...

    the weather is changing here as well, I can smell fall in the air already :D and I can't wait to buy new clothes, I am making wishlists as well...but since I have to make some money first, I was so glad when I found a pile of vintage stuff at home recently :D isn't it great when you find something for free or really cheap and cool? :)

    all the best wishes to you and your growing family :) xoxo

  17. Lovely look!
    That manicure is so fun!


  18. Aww, your nails are so cute!
    I especially like that clock ring, I wants it! <3


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