Hyper Japan Part 1: Tabio Style

As you know the lovely folks at Tabio invited me to guest blog at Hyper Japan, if you don't know already I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and jumped at the chance to see what Hyper Japan had to offer. It was such an amazing day and I talked to so many amazing people, there was so much going on I can't even fit it all  into one post. So for your first slice of Hyper Japan I thought I would show you some street style, as Tabio are all about tights, socks and style I hunted down people who were rocking theirs at the event. Japan is famous for it's street style, many an hour I spent flicking through Fruits and thinking I wish I was this cool, but I knew that the event would have lots of different styles going on and was I right ...

I really love Angels simple yet chic outfit, I love her cut off's with the sandals it just makes this dress more edgy. To get the look try some Tabio leggings.

Who inspires your style? It's just me, I love dresses and like to keep it comfortable I do love Vivienne Westwood.
What can't you live without? My Facebook 

Marco (Tabio Staff) showing that even guys can rock the sock and sandal look, I really like the layering under the shorts it ties in well with the shirt and what could have been a everyday summer look has a lot more style to it.

Jennifer was one of the nicest people I spoke to, she's not a lifestyle Lolita but has been enjoying being a part time one for 10 years now. Lolita's wear is still hard to find in the U.K and can be very expensive, so I was really impressed that Jennifer had put this together herself and her look was perfect I adored her striped tights and dress. 'It can be hard being bigger and a Lolita but you have to make it your own, there's a lot on the high street that you can dress up and style you just have to look around'

Where is your dress from? The dress is by body line and the shirt is from Next.
Who inspire's you fashion wise? I admire Lady Gaga for being able to wear couture etc ..part of her everyday life.

Diana Bracewell was one of the first people I snapped, I adore her outfit it's fun, happy and shows that you can wear neon pink tights and look fab. Diana is a physics teacher who is obsessed with stars, and like stars she was shinning bright and really shows that tights can be playful. 

Who inspires your style? It's mainly my own, I love bright colours and to just be different from everyone, I do like Katy Perry too.
Where would you like to travel too? I have a huge list, but I would love to go to Japan (we both got chatting about this, as we were saying how cool it would be).

This lovely lady works for a company called TERP who help support charities with raising money for Japan, they had these cute little flowers and bags at the stand that you could get when making a donation (There will be more about the charities etc in my next post). I think her dress is so cute with the bird print and again with her Tabio dark orange tights, it just makes her outfit stand out. 
To find out more about or to make a donation go to TERP LONDON they are also on Twitter @TERPLondon 

Lois from Bunnipunch was rocking the thong socks from Tabio, they actual look part of the sandals. I love her mix of patterns and textures and I think this is a great summer look, and still playful.

Aisha, Rachel and Kauri

These girls were clearly lifestyle Lolita's it's not about dress up for them they live and breath it, I loved all the attention to detail and how laid back they were when people mobbed them for photos. I had a chat to them about the time and money it took to keep up being a full time Lolita. 'It can take forever to get ready, everything needs go together so 45 minutes upwards and it can get very expensive because of the extras and also because the style is still rare over here and you don't want the same as everyone' Aisha actual made her top which was so cute with it's pink bows, she's studying design and hopes to design for the future Lolita's in the U.K.

What can't you live without? My big eye contacts, they complete my look.
What is your style? To push the boundaries, I won't always wear pink I like to wear black and lots of different colours and styles.  

Rachel what would you never wear? Jeans, I just wouldn't feel like me. Being a Lolita makes you feel like a grown up princess and I couldn't feel that way in jeans.
What can't you live without? My hair accessorises they finish the outfit for me.

Kauri what can't you live without? Pink, it's very important. I use to be a skater so it's a big change for me but I love being girly.

 These lovely ladies were mobbed, and I almost didn't get their photo I asked these fans why they love them so much they said that because they are doll like and pretty 'their special, you don't see them everyday even in Japan'. 

Emma, Louisa  and Wing

I was just about to go back on the hunt for more people when the girls were joined by even more Lolita's, I really loved their outfits and they matched perfectly their choice of socks and tights are so cute. It was nice to see both groups joining together chatting and talking about tea parties (very big in the Lolita world), I got chatting to Louisa.  'It can be hard being a Lolita and some girls are really nasty, they jump on you if they feel your not doing it right. I really enjoy the tea parties as you get to meet really nice girls and share what you love, talk about shops and have fun'

Louisa how would you describe your style? I would say different and fun, but I like to look sweet and cute too.
What's your dream? To start up my own brand of Lolita wear, it's very limited and it can be hard to make it your own as everyone buys the same thing.
What can't you live without? My keyring's and phone (photo below)

To get the look why not try a pair of Tabio knee high socks, not full on Lolita but adding that little something to your outfit.

 I didn't get a chance to chat to these lovely ladies, but they did let me take a photo it was nice to see the traditional style as well as the more modern styles of Japan.

Felicity had one of the coolest looks, dolly meets Lolita she is making Kawaii a must have with all her handmade hair accessories at Now Voyager. I love not only her look but also her amazing hair accessories, there is everything you could ever want from flowers,birds and even cakes ! Yes cakes, knitted ones of course. Also the white leggings with the red trainers I adore it shouldn't work but it does and I just love that Felicity has such fun with fashion.

What could you not live without? Hair accessories and makeup (makeup by shake up your makeup, more about them in my next post).

I just adore Tara's style, I love her black tights and spiky heels and the I love her over all look it's such a mixer but it works perfectly. Tara actual made her hat, and you can check out her site here, her studio is in Paris but she's launching her designs here a must for any hat lover.

Who inspires you? Strong queens through out history, and I'm a huge fan of Frida Kahol (me to Tara)

What's your style? i like a contrast between classy and trashy, elegant and I love to mix in studs. (I wanted to steal Tara's shoes, they are amazing)

What can't you live without? Hats, I feel naked without one. I have a hat and headpiece fetish you could say, they just make me happy and they finish my look.

Check out Tara's Hat here at Tara Byakko (the red crown is divine)

So a huge thank you to Tabio( and team) and I will have part 2 up soon with loads more to share, some really cool shops to check out and my view of Hyper Japan 2011. 
(also thank you to everyone who let me snap them).


  1. You honestly have no idea how jealous I am right now!! Those lolita girls look amazing. You certainly have done a good job of capturing the atmosphere of the day through outfits!! Cannot wait for part 2!!

    Love J.

  2. There's some great looks here! Looks like it was a great day! :)

  3. That looks so fun. I'm jealous!

  4. This is so awesome i would have come if I hadn't known so late lol



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