Beauty Haul

My makeup was a tad 70's today, trying to mix it up a little I did take some outfit photos but they were pretty rubbish so instead I made a haul video as I have some fab new things. I will have reviews soon with the nail polish's, as I am in love with both colours but I hope they don't look rubbish on.

I have been going back to my circles Sleek palette lately, as the colours are so pretty and 
I'm in love with purple shades at the moment. I still need to get the latest palette, been so busy have not had time. I will try and put up my mini giveaway tomorrow so have a look, and I hope you enjoy my video sorry it's so bloody long! I wanted to make it quick ...eeerrr as if!


  1. I actually love your eyebrows! Lovig the make up today!!

    I'm keeping the video for tomorrow when I'm not in bed haha! Love the snapshot ;) xx

  2. Corben is so frikkin cute. I love his little accent, mummyyyy! hahahaha! aww i jsut wanna give him a big squeeze! :) xo

  3. It was nice seeing your haul video. :) I didn't know you make videos too. I was pleasantly surprised. :) Amazing haul. The turquoise nail polish looks really pretty and I thought the scrub looked interesting. I like how it's in bits and chunks. That way you know how much you can use without taking too much of the product. Really loved the cheetah print top you're wearing in the video and pics. :)

    Congratulations on the upcoming new baby. :) Your son must be excited to be having a brother or sister. :) He is very adorable. It was nice seeing him in the video too. Take care. :)


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