Candles, Crafts, Gifts Oh My

Hey well it's been a busy week already, I won SaraLuxe giveaway ( whoop whoop) and have been making YouTube videos, than the lovely peeps of Candles Crafts Gifts sent me some of their candles to try out, I hadn't heard of them before so I went to have a look on their site. I full in love with their candle holders, I do like candles but I love the holders more (I know I'm a freak). They have a wide price range to, so if your looking for something funky to add to your summer interiors than this is a great idea I only have to look at a Moroccon style anything! And I feel like summer is here.

They make the candles by hand (in Norfolk) which is great and the ones I received where soy wax, I got a Lemon one and Scottish Heather Soy Wax is environmentally friendly as it comes from a sustainable source, it burns longer than parafin wax and burns with 90% less soot ' 

So the first thing I did was give them a huge smell, they smelt divine (I actual wanted to eat the lemon one). The big ones comes in a tin like my Lemon one, and I liked the clear and simple label so if you were giving it to someone they could easily find the website. I really love tin candles as I always reuse the tin too, so great for you eco shoppers. Like they say on the site the soy wax does burn for longer, I had the candle burning for a good 3 hours and it it's only half way down (with parafin wax it would be gone) so there is still a heap of life in my Lemon one and the smaller one to. The only thing that let me down was that the smell was not strong at all, I kept waiting for the ice cream smell of lemon to full the room and it never. So I think if you are really into smelly candles than I'm not sure this is going to be for you, I personal use candles with or without smell. I like to have them burning while in the bath, I find it relaxing and some candles are just too scented it can be hard to get the balance. Maybe it's the soy or something because when you smell the candle in the tin, it's just amazing. 
I'm going to give it a 

I think most people will want a huge, over powering scent and this didn't have it but for a long lasting candle its really great. Like I say the packaging is eco friendly and maybe in other scents they  may work better the site also has a heap more so well worth a look.
I hope you are all having a great week, I have been tagged by two lovely ladies so I promise I will do my post soon or maybe a YouTube video, I will show you my lovely prizes from Sara too as it really made my week.


  1. I have some vanilla candles in my room, they make it smell so sweet, but not too overpowering.

  2. I love soy wax candles! I make my own tarts (to go in an oil burner) and occasionally sell them, and LOVE them! :)

  3. i hadn't heard about soy wax before, but iwll look out for it now that i know about it. i am almost at the end of my yankee candle jar, so will be on the lookout soon.

  4. Ooh, I need some candles to brighten up my room a bit in the evenings, would be great if they made it smell fancy too. x

  5. hey how are u !! hun i miss u i wanted to add u in FB but u didnt msg me ur id lol haha i mean in Twitter

    lucky u ! i have never won anything from giveaways so i stop trying haha


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