Heart Shaped box

Heart Money Box: Barry Lean

As I mentioned barry (my bloke) made me a new money box, because when I broke his new toy/garget (at £80) there was no way I was going to let him 'forget about it'. Instead I smashed my shoes fund jar (aka the saving haha) and MADE him take it. He felt guilty because he is just beyond sweet (and a fool haha) and made me this wonderful money box, how great is he. Sorry but I don't usual talk about us, but this is one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me. I think the money will have to be spent when I'm old, because I really don't ever want to smash it to get to the money inside, so it actual works as a saving box.


I was thinking of stencilling the top at same point, but am scared of destroying it. I love the layers at the side and I really hope that he does more things like this as I just adore this. 

In other news here, I told you about mine and Barry's new project called 'UBER ART' we have the first lot finished so I hope you like them. I think they turned out really well, for those of you who don't know Barry is a part time photography and we decided to work together on this project will we will be doing more so keep an eye open. If you have any questions about UBER ART ..like prints or wanting to use it same where please email me.

Thank you so much for all your comments, and making me laugh on twitter. I have a heap of cool posts coming ...I know I always say that but I do.




Images: Uber Art/ Barry Lean/ Laura Whalebone


  1. That box is so beautiful, a real keepsake! You could always post little notes in it aswell and smash it open when you are older and see what they say. xo

    Wishing for Summer Giveaway here!

  2. Wow that is so amazingly thoughtful, I'd never want to break it ever. Xxxx

  3. What a cute box! Heart shaped stuff is always gorgeous

  4. That's sooo cute! & I love that ring :)


  5. Awww Barry sounds like an absolute sweetheart. :) You're a lucky girl. The box is gorgeous. He did a great job. :) And the photos following are stunning as well. xo

  6. That box is amazing, and I love Emily's idea of putting notes in it too

  7. Aww that's such a nice thing to do! The box is really beautiful. Hope you don't break it soon =)

  8. wow. the wooden heart is beautiful. that is so sweet of your guy to make you one. i think it's one of the best gifts ever a loved one can give. what's real awesome about it was it's hand-made and it's made with a lot of love. :)

    how is everything going? hope all is well with you. :) as for me, we're getting ready for valentine's at work. speaking of that, i wish you and barry a very happy valentine's. take care. :)

  9. This post is so sweet! Love it. : )
    I'll be' glad if you can pass to my blog : ) i'm following you, follow back if you like it xxx


  10. the box is fantastic! i'd love to get one like that!:) ANd the red barry m nailpolish is so pretty!:)


    have a fabulous day:)

  11. That's a lovely box and how sweet of him to make it for you.
    Love your uber art :)

  12. amazing blog dear


  13. Beautiful box. And you have such a sweet - and handy - bf x

  14. wow that was really really really sweet !! *envy

  15. he's done an amazing job, seriously impressed with it! will he be doing more?

  16. he's done an amazing job, seriously impressed with it! will he be doing more?


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